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Are Home Workouts as Effective as the Gym?

Are you better off subscribing to on-demand workout videos than applying for a gym membership? The answer to this question will always be “it depends”. However, on-demand workouts are increasingly getting more traction than gym memberships because of a lot of reasons. Let’s check these out and see if you can relate.


Gym Impressions

Gym memberships might be at par with other fitness platforms, however, it gets significantly more expensive when this does not get used at all. This does not mean a decline in fitness endeavours, rather a dip in gym memberships because of high fees.

On another note, getting new members to sign up is another thing. Why aren’t people signing up? Why aren’t people impressed to sign up? It might have something to do with the vibes that gym memberships are giving off.  Price is one thing, but other impressions such as pressure builds up when you have a gym membership are just some of the reasons why people are turning away from the traditional fitness platform.

Time, Choices, and Ubiquity

Many struggle for work-life balance, let alone staying fit. Prior to the millennials, who have a different view of health and fitness, previous generations are either too busy at work and at home to squeeze in some workout time. When there are a bunch of paper works, overtime is prioritized over after-work gym time. On the other hand, trying to keep a gym appointment adds stress to the already-stressed employee. A gym appointment seems like another meeting that they need to rush to. Because of this, gym memberships become unwanted activity.

In contrast, ondemand at-home workouts are creating impressions that are more desirable than that of gym memberships—that of time-friendly or convenient as some would like to see it. It is convenient because they’re not pressured to keep to a time. On the other hand, once they do get free time, they can immediately work on a routine that’s available on their online subscriptions. Today, people prefer getting their content on Netflix, where it is available anytime, it’s no different with workout sessions.

There are no difference in results, except that you actually use your on-demand subscriptions unlike missed classes with gym memberships.

Moreover, on-demand workouts offer a variety, from HIIT, dancing, pilates to yoga. There is certainly a lot more on the market depending on providers. So, those who are looking at a more customized workout plan have more in store for a lot less than a gym membership.

Increased Frequency

Gym memberships might entice the athlete or hardcore fitness junkie, but regular folks are seeing boutique-type classes or on-demand videos as a better fit, where their only objective is to at least maintain a healthy balance to exercise. After all, a healthy lifestyle not only involves physical movement, but also an outlook to what you put in your body such as food.

On-demand videos allow for increased frequency in working out because it’s available anytime, anywhere. Short sprints or exercises have become the norm as opposed to longer workout times that seemed prolonged agony. If you have a 15-minute break, you can take out your smart phone and play your video subscription—this in between working hours. It also works wonders for those wanting a break from non-stop work to prevent burnout. Within 24 hours, you can just flip out that phone and start working out, whenever it suits you. This is more than spending an hour a day at the gym.

More Reasons to a Healthy Lifestyle

If you are more sedentary in a day, chances are, a healthy outlook is far from your mind. It’s going to be a difficult change. But when physical fitness becomes more convenient, then you have one less excuse to cross out of your need to incorporate physical activities into your lifestyle.



  1. I often struggle with the idea of getting a membership or just youtubing some Zumba videos. Sometimes I think if i sign up for the gym I will pressure myself to work out more….the struggle is real!