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Home Decor: One Simple Addition for a Quick New Look

As many of you know I recently just moved to Orlando.  Right now we are trying to make our new house more like home and I’ve been collecting all types of information on design, both inside and out.  I want to be comfortable in my own home. I want somewhere that my kids and I can sit comfortably, whether it’s for a family meal, watching TV or even for having a talk with my kids about how everything’s going. Part of that is making my home look cozy and welcoming, in my opinion is having the right accent rugs. I think having modern rugs in the home can make it look better for a number of reasons, but why are they so special?

If, like me, you’ve thought about doing a little redecoration, you might think that you have to throw out your old furniture and buy replacements, spend a fortune on paint and soft furnishings and spend days on end sprucing your home up. However, all I needed to do to improve the look of my home is buy a rug. It’s great to sit on if there’s no room to sit on the sofa or the armchairs are full, it’s bright and it makes the room look more inviting.

While I knew that a rug would work wonders for my home, I wasn’t entirely sure about what type of rug would work best in my home. I found that, after a visit to modern-rugs.co.uk, I knew what my home needed: a rug that’s easy to maintain, unique and durable. This could be the start of an awesome modern rugs collection. We are going to pick one out that fits our home and our style…let the fun begin!

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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I totally agree…rugs ae awesome and add that needed final touch.