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Your Home Buying Options in Miami

Your Home Buying Options in Miami


Homes in Miami, Florida are pretty unique. Just by searching the market alone, you’ll probably encounter all sorts of homes at different values and different types. After all, there’s a home to suit all sorts of buyers in Miami alone. There’s a wide selection of homes in Miami. Though, whichever one might work for you depends on what you’re looking for in a home. It usually depends on what you want to do with your home, the privacy you need, the maintenance you want to do, the features you want and even the possible renovations you want to do.

It even depends on the type of custom built home you might want. I mean, even my friend just bought a custom built home in Miami by MV. If they can find something to suit their custom-built tastes, anyone can find the home they want in Miami.

What types of homes should you look out for in Miami? Let’s review some of the different homes you can find in the Miami housing market:

Single family homes

These homes are typically detached, meaning they sit on their own lots, and come in different styles. Most are single floor homes, but two floor and three floor homes exist. Of course, the price rises depending on the levels of the home you’re looking for.  The types of exterior styles on the market range from the contemporary to the Colonial to the Victorian and the like. These homes are best for, well, single families, as seniors might not like stairs or the high maintenance nature of these homes.

Condominiums (condos)

These homes are like individual homes, except they’re attached to one another and feature common facilities like laundry rooms. Condo buildings also typically belong to an association with all of its owners, which usually governs things like the unit’s individual monthly fees and the like. Condos also build equity, which is incredibly appealing to people who want a property without the hassles of managing a home. The downside is that condos might not be as private and they tend to depreciate in a dour market.


Want to save money on the Miami housing market? Buy a fixer-upper home or condo, of course!  Fixer-uppers are usually condos or single family homes that need extensive repairs or maintenance. Naturally, they’re usually priced low and often build equity as the owner chooses to update the property. The main problem with fixer-uppers is the expense of repairs can often be costly and outweigh the benefits of buying cheaply.