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Here’s What to Look for in a Wedding Caterer

Having the right wedding caterer is incredibly important for making sure your day runs smoothly and according to your vision. Food and drink is likely to take up a major portion of your wedding budget and it’s one of the things your guests will be looking forward to (and what they’re likely to remember).

Whether you have very specific ideas about what you want to serve or you have no idea where to start, looking for a wedding caterer will be a crucial step in getting to the wedding finish line as stress-free as possible.

Sometimes you luck out and book a wedding venue that has onsite catering. But depending on your venue, you might have to add “find a caterer” to your list of wedding to-dos. You want to find a wedding caterer that will serve up something delicious on your special day, and you also want to have as much of a stress-free experience as possible.

The world of wedding catering comes with enough mishaps that would intimidate the most seasoned experts. With that in mind, there are some things you can look for in a wedding caterer to ensure you partner with someone skilled and reliable.

Can They Accommodate Your Guests’ Needs?

Can your caterer of choice work with your number of guests? Maybe they have all the dishes and food options you want, but their small team might not be enough for a large wedding. On top of being able to meet the needs of your number guests, can the caterer meet varied dietary needs? Some common food needs you will want to look for include:

  • Gluten-free options
  • Non-alcoholic drink options
  • Vegetarian & vegan options
  • Children’s meals

A caterer that’s willing to work with you to meet your needs and the needs of your guests will relieve your stress and also make sure that your guests are pleased and well-fed.

Have They Worked Your Venue Before?

Any caterer knows that the specifics of a venue have a huge impact on how they will be preparing the food and serving it on wedding day. Venue specifics like layout, kitchen size, electricity, storage, and more all have a hand to play in avoiding a wedding catering disaster. A caterer that is familiar with your venue has already been in the space and had the chance to troubleshoot and solve any problems that come with navigating the space itself.

Are Their Previous Clients Happy?

As you look for the right wedding caterer, it’s a smart idea to ask around your social circle for recommendations, suggestions, and reviews. There’s no substitute for a good word of mouth review, after all, you probably trust your friends and family more than a simple star review system online. Asking around and turning to reviews can help you understand the real quality of the staff, how detail-oriented they are, pleasantness, and willingness to make accommodations. Experiences are bound to vary but you won’t know about some of the smaller details unless you ask.

Do They Communicate Well?

When you ask to book a tasting, does the caterer get back to you promptly? Do they take days to reply and, when they do, are their answers vague? If you have trouble with the back-and-forth communication with a caterer in the early stages of doing business with them, then it might be worth your while to switch caterers. Find someone who is easy to talk to and who presents your options clearly. Trust your gut!


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I will pass this info on to my grand daughters/ Thanks for the tips.