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Help Remove the Worry Around Cancer Using the LivingWith™ Mobile App


Thank you Pfizer for sponsoring this post. Join Pfizer’s This Is Living With Cancer™ initiative by sharing your story with #InspirationLives on Facebook and Instagram to support and inspire those who have been affected by cancer, and be sure to check out the LivingWith™ mobile app available via iTunes and Google Play.

As I write this post, I’m waiting for my phone to ring.

It’s been a very stressful month in our house. My husband was recently diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer. He has had several spots on his back removed, and they are currently testing more areas.

However, it’s me that I am mostly concerned about. Today, I will get my results back from a thyroid biopsy I had done a couple of weeks ago; so, I’m waiting for “the call” from my doctor. The doctor’s office called earlier today to say he was going to reach out after his rounds are finished.

So, there are a million things going through my head, and one of those things is IF I have thyroid cancer. The LivingWith™ mobile app (available via iTunes and Google Play ) may help our family manage life with cancer. As part of This Is Living With Cancer™, Pfizer has launched LivingWith, a free mobile app designed to help patients and caregivers manage life with cancer and organize important information in one place.

The mobile app has a lot of resources to help people manage their lives with cancer. You can invite loved ones to download the app and, as a team, everyone can play a role. The app has folders where you can store your insurance information, medications and documents about your health. You can also create your own folders for whatever else you might need. I personally love the medications file because I take way too many medications to remember the dosage, etc, and this is a one-click file that allows me to share all the info with my doctors.

Inside the app, you’ll find a “requests” area where you can post upcoming appointments and other needs that your circle of supporters will have access to, so that they can choose to help, whether it be with your transportation needs, meals, childcare, errands or numerous other things. There are also articles you can read such as “Does Sugar Have an Effect on Cancer?” and other informative tips. You can find other places to log your mood, record your pain levels and so much more.

The This Is Living With Cancer™ website also has resources that can help to inspire positive living! My mom is a cancer survivor and the mindset that supportive sites like this put her into helped while she was going through treatment.

As I near the end of my post, I get “the call” from my doctor. There was not enough tissue sample to rule out thyroid cancer. However, unlike the first biopsy, this time there is enough sample to lead them to believe it is benign. I must go into his office on Wednesday, but he thinks our best course of action right now is to “keep our eye on it” for the next 6 months.

Pfizer launched This Is Living With Cancer, a national awareness program that includes a free mobile app for anyone living with cancer called LivingWith. It is designed to help manage some of the daily challenges faced by people living with cancer. For more information and to download the LivingWith mobile app, please visit www.ThisIsLivingWithCancer.com. Patients and their loved ones also can find the initiative on Facebook and Instagram.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    Glad to hear your good news and thank you for providing the app for all who need it.