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Hello Naan It’s Me: Tikka Masala Lobster Pizza

Disclosure: This blog post was sponsored by Stonefire Naan, but the opinions are all my own.

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As an enthusiast of good eats, I always enjoy coming up with new recipes. When I was challenged to whip something up using Stonefire Naan, I said game on! I am no stranger to Indian cuisine, but it’s been a while since I’ve had any, so I decided to make a few pizzas. With Stonefire Naan for the crust, all I needed were toppings and sauce, so I headed over to Publix to see what I could find. For toppings, I decided to keep it simple and go with something already cooked, so I picked up some rotisserie chicken and a couple of lobster tails. After that, I headed over to the ethnic foods aisle and picked up two sauces and chutney. Then I went to the cheese section and grabbed some crumbled goat cheese. Here is what I came up with:

Tikka Masala Lobster Pizza

The first thing you do is preheat the oven to 350°. Then get out a cookie sheet and spray lightly with nonstick cooking grease. Then put your naan on the cookie sheet. Next, chop up your lobster and mix it in a bowl with Sharwood’s Tikka Masala cooking sauce. After mixing spread it over your Stonefire Naan and crumble on a little goat cheese.

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Chicken Korma Pizza

Same thing goes for the Chicken Korma Pizza. Put your naan on the pan and then your ingredients. Tear off about ¾ cup of your rotisserie chicken and mix it in a bowl with Korma cooking sauce and then top with some goat cheese crumbles.

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Now set a timer for 16-20 minutes and you will be eating your pizzas before you know it. I left my pizzas in for 20 minutes because I wanted to give my crust a little extra time to get crispy. After the timer goes off just pull the pizzas out of the oven and top with a little mango chutney, cut, and serve.

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Stonefire Naan is delicious all sorts of ways. From the traditional rip and dip to pizza crusts and even sandwiches, there are many ways to enjoy Indian flatbreads. So why don’t you say #HelloNaan and invite Stonefire Naan into your family’s kitchen? Feel free to try this recipe or leave yours in the comments!

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