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Give the Gift of HAPPY from the Happy Boxstore – Giveaway

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by HappyBoxstore.com.


What do you buy that someone who is hard to buy for? A Holiday HAPPY Box of course! I recently got my first Happy Box from HappyBoxstore.com and I have to admit, it put a smile on my face. It’s the perfect gift for that family member who lives over the mountain and through the hills or that coworker who never seems to be in a good mood. I love the idea of making my holiday stress-free and convenient. What’s even better is that you can get a 20% DISCOUNT by using CODE: HOLIDAY

What’s inside the Holiday Happy Box (stop back to see the unboxing):

  • Holiday scented candle
  • Crystal rock candy
  • “Sleigh, Girl” holiday card (fill in in ‘Note to Recipient’ section)
  • Full sized Essie red polish
  • Reindeer wine bottle opener
  • Cute 10”x7” ‘Sparkle’ gold and white cosmetic bag

Note: Box is 8″ x 6″ x 4″

I love the idea of supporting a woman-owned company during the holiday season and these entrepreneurial sisters, Hannah and Ariel Redmond, have won me over.


Be sure to check out some of their other popular boxes:

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  • Jetsetter Box (coming soon!)
  • Holiday Box

Happy Box Giveaway


  • (1) #HappyBox Holiday box ($30 Value)

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  1. I would love to own the week it box. I love the notebooks and gold clips!

  2. All boxes look so fabulous! I also love the Birthday Box 🙂
    Thank You for the chance

  3. I’m most excited about the Birthday Box because the items in it are super fun, like the frosting-scented body lotion.

  4. Very Excited about the Birthday Box love the items enclosed in it. thankyou, ken

  5. The housewarming box sounds nice. I never know what to get as a gift. This would save me some trouble

  6. I would be most excited about the Puppy Mom box as i am a big time dog lover and this would put a huge smile on my face.

  7. Trisha Burgess says

    I love the birthday box because it would be a perfect gift!

  8. I really like the Werk It box. I like the items that are in it, especially the Get Sh*t Done notebook. It’d make work more fun. Thanks.

  9. I am most excited about the holiday box because I love it.

  10. Seyma Shabbir says

    I love the HOliday Box! So many great things to work with!

  11. I like the holiday box, cause my sister is out of state and I miss her

  12. dorrie turner says

    I think the holiday box would be perfect this time of year. A little warmth from the heart sent to you.

  13. I like the holiday box because the products are awesome!

  14. Awww love the Puppy Mom box! We all love our doggies. #HappyBox

  15. Bonnie James says

    TY for this

  16. Jessica Whitehouse says

    I’d want the Birthday box. I would hide it until my birthday so I would have a surprise gift to open and enjoy.

  17. Barbara Klein says

    I would love the holiday box. Be great for this time of year.

  18. Heather Kelly says

    The Holiday Box actually!

  19. Jenny Scheldberg says

    This looks so fun! I’d love some holiday candles.

  20. Marilyn Nawara says

    I think the Puppy Mom box would be fun — I have 3 dogs and they love getting new toys and things.

  21. i’m most excited about the nail polish and pretty box

  22. i’m most excited about the nail polish and pretty box

  23. Katrina Brockavich says

    I like the baby bump box, because all the items are so cute! I like the idea of a custom box, too.

  24. I think the werk it box is great!

  25. I think I would like the Holiday Box the best, it has a lot of great stuff in it, like the nail polish- love the red, but honestly, I would be glad to get any of the boxes.

  26. I think they are all cute. I love the puppy mom box.

  27. The housewarming box would be nice

  28. I think the Birthday Box is cute. Since everyone has a birthday, it would be perfect for anyone.

  29. I think the Holiday box would be my favorite! But the housewarming box would definitely make a nice gift for someone!

  30. They are all neat but I would pick the Birthday Box. I like it because it would be a perfect gift for my best friend.

  31. I would love the “Birthday” Happy Box ! Since there is someone celebrating a birthday just about every month in my family, this would be perfect to share!!

  32. Unfortunately the site won’t load for me, have tried several times within the last ten minutes. But I would love this, this is exactly the kind of box I would like, full of happy items even though I can’t see the different kinds of boxes. I’m definitely going to check the site again later.

  33. I like the birthday box and the Essie polish in the holiday box.

  34. The Happy Box website is down right now, so I can’t windowshop. The breakup box sounds great, though; I’m imagining that it’s full of chocolate and trashy books 😀

  35. If you ask me this week, I might choose the Breakup Box. It’s been a rough week just before Christmas.

  36. I love the “Werk It” box! I mean everyone should have a Get Shit Done notebook 🙂 They are all really cute!

  37. I love the Holiday box..lots of fun things in it

  38. the Puppy Mom box looks like fun!

  39. Charlene Canfield says

    I really like the Hangover box. I wouldn’t need it but it would be fun to give.

  40. Darlene Owen says

    I love the BABY BUMP BOX as my daughter-in-law is expecting my grandchild in Feb.

  41. Leah Shumack says

    I would love to get the Holiday box! So many great products in there and we’d use it year round!

  42. I like the Puppy Mom Box.

  43. TallulahJane says

    I love the Birthday Box. I just had my birthday and I would have loved this. I have a friend who has a bday coming up and I’m thinking this would be great for her.

  44. Linda Kwolek says

    I would love to have the break up box because it has a voodoo doll in it. What better way to get over someone than to excise them from your life.

  45. Puppy Mom Box

  46. DeAnna Keller says

    I think the holiday box would be perfect, especially for this time of year.

  47. I like the Puppy Mom Box. Cool stuff for me and my dog.

  48. This is a hard decision but the birthday box would be beast to have on hand for when you need a gift.

  49. elizabeth miller says

    I love the Werk It Box. I love how in a very cute method just puts it out there to “Get shit done.”

  50. I like the Birthday Box, a perfect gift – so easy to give!

  51. I’d most love the Werk It Box because that Hammond’s PB&J Gourmet Chocolate Bar sounds delicious!

  52. I like the idea of a Jetsetter box.

  53. LeAnn Harbert says

    I like the puppy box and the birthday box.

  54. I love the Birthday Box!

  55. I’m not sure. Engagement box?

  56. The Hang Over Box would be cool to use.

  57. That Werk It Box has everything useful in it.

  58. I’m all for the huge Holiday Box thjs season.

  59. The Puppy Mom Box comes with the best stuff.

  60. I really like the Birthday Box, for sure.

  61. There’s nothing better than a Housewarming Box to put to use.