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Go Further with Ford: My Adventure with a Mustang GT

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My whole life I have wanted a Mustang GT. When Lisa told me we would be getting one to drive for a week, I was super excited to say the least. When the day came and she called me outside to look at it I was blown away by the sexiest bright yellow Mustang GT I have ever set my eyes on. When I looked inside and saw it was a stick, I knew then and there the pleasure of driving this fine piece of machinery would be all mine! Lisa doesn’t like driving anything with a manual transmission so this review is all me.


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Last year we went to event with Ford in Dearborn and met with the designers of the 2015 Mustang so I was very familiar with every feature. I have always loved the Mustang’s signature curves. The interior is spacious enough for a sports car and the trunk space is adequate. I thought the seats were really comfortable and maybe even designed with me in mind as I nestled very comfortably behind the wheel. I began to fall in love with this car almost immediately and knew it would break my heart to give it back so I decided to enjoy it to the fullest.

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I drove the car to daily Mass at our church and to the school for volunteer work. Even on rainy days this car lit up the parking lot with its radiance.



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Driving Lisa around running errands was awesome. I didn’t mind waiting in the car for her to get her hair done at all.

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We even took the Mustang to our youngest son’s 5th grade graduation ceremony. He had a blast! When we caught several parents out by the car taking selfies and gawking which made us all laugh.

2015-06-04 10.05.49

2015-06-04 10.53.53

One day at church a friend of ours informed us her pet turtle was becoming burdensome and too big for their tank. Being the turtle was originally taken from the wild and I like to rescue animals I got to load it up in the Mustang and set it free at the lakefront.

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Sunday was my first oblate meeting at Saint Leo Abbey and I was excited beyond words to be driving the car all the way there. Saint Leo is a couple hours drive north of where we live. The conditions consist of highway, city, and rural roads. The Mustang handled quite nicely in all conditions and I arrived in Saint Leo, FL in record time. Of course I drove safely and followed the speed limits for the most part. With all that horsepower and torque I was zipping in and out of traffic with ease. I got pretty good gas mileage too!

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Attending Mass, having lunch, attending class, and afternoon prayers with the monks of Saint Leo Abbey was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I was fortunate enough to have eaten at the table with Abbot Isaac! Saint Leo Abbey is a very beautiful and tranquil place that soothes me mind body and soul every time I visit. Driving back home was pretty uneventful. The Ford Mustang performs great on the highway and cut flawlessly down the road even in the rain.

The last trip I took in the Mustang was over to Camp Lonesome Nature Preserve to enjoy a little solitude and test how it handled off the blacktop. When you turn off the highway the pavement ends and you have to drive a short distance on a gravel then dirt road until you enter the park area. From there you drive around on a gravel road until you find the most desirable parking spot. I decided on an area with a picnic table and a little shade. After much reading, contemplation, and prayer I was just about to leave when I noticed a deer through the palmettos. What a great day it was!

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The Mustang handled great on the flat road but I was careful to avoid ruts and potholes as I couldn’t have lived with myself if I had damaged it in any way. I’m used to driving trucks and SUVs and was careful not to treat it like one.

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I am really thankful to have been given the opportunity to drive such an amazing car. The Mustang turned heads everywhere I went and was really fun to drive. I have always wanted a Mustang and having one delivered to my house to drive for a week helped me live that dream. I will always enjoy going #FurtherwithFord!

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  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Beautiful car and certainly a DREAM CAR.