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Gift Idea for Tweens & Teens: The Parrot Mars Airborne Cargo Drone

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Parrot for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Parrot Mars Airborne Cargo Drone

Not to drone on about gift ideas for kids in their early teens but… The Parrot Mars Airborne Cargo Drone is a fun way for young drone enthusiasts to get their flight skills up. We just got ours yesterday and my eleven-year-old has barely put it down since. After 30 minutes of charging, installing the app, and customizing his new toy with a few stickers, he was flying all over the place trying to take full advantage of the last bits of daylight. He really liked the idea of being able to control a drone with his smartphone.    

Parrot Mars Airborne Cargo Drone

Parrot Mars Airborne Cargo Drone

Without even reading the instructions, he was making the thing do flips and fine tuning his skills flying through and around various obstacles in the backyard. Flying up to 65 feet, he enjoyed a bird’s eye view of the back yard and adjacent golf course. After getting to know his drone for a few minutes and challenging its limitations, he began to familiarize himself with the built in, vertically mounted camera. In no time at all he was taking some really interesting aerial shots.

Parrot Mars Airborne Cargo Drone

Parrot Mars Airborne Cargo Drone

The Parrot MiniDrone lineup consists of 13 ultra technological connected robots ready for action in the air, on the ground, and even in water!

  • Jumping ‘Night’: Diesel, Buzz and Marshall
  • Jumping ‘Race’: Max, Tuk-Tuk and Jett
  • Airborne ‘Night’: Blaze, Swat and Maclane
  • Airborne ‘Cargo’: Travis and Mars
  • Hydrofoils: Orak and Newz

Parrot Mars Airborne Cargo Drone

Parrot Mars Airborne Cargo DroneParrot Mars Airborne Cargo Drone

We enjoyed getting to know the Parrot Mars Airborne Cargo Drone. We thought it ran smoothly and quiet enough not to be annoying. I’ve heard some drones that sound like a swarm of angry hornets but this one is surprisingly quiet. We could barely hear it from a few feet away. This product is lightweight and is safe to use both in and outdoors. Although mom wouldn’t let us use it for very long indoors, my son and I were convinced the protective hull would have kept us from wreaking too much havoc.

Parrot Mars Airborne Cargo Drone

Priced under $150, the Parrot Mars Airborne Cargo Drone is an ideal toy for beginners to hone their flight skills. We thought it would be a perfect gift idea for young people that have an interest in gaming or photography. Visit the official Parrot site to learn more and to purchase a drone of your own.

Which Parrot MiniDrone do you want?

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