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Getting It Right: 9 Awesome Gift Ideas for Lovers of Alternative Art & Culture

Do you have a friend that is a lover of all things arty and a little bit eccentric? It can be a little bit challenging to find a gift for them, but it is not impossible! In fact, looking for a gift for a friend like this can be fun. You get to be incredibly creative and see things you probably wouldn’t have seen before! Check out these unique gift ideas for people that like to wander on the more alternative side of life…

1.Creative Cellphone Case

Even the most artistic and alternative person will have a cellphone. So why not give them a practical gift that is also super cute and creative? You can gift your arty or painter friend a present that they are sure to appreciate and lets them know that you actually thought out the gift and that it comes from the heart. You can find many unique cell phone cases online but if your friend loves to paint then the one that looks like a watercolor palette may just be a perfect fit. Try finding a hyper-realistic case to make the gift even cooler.

2.Something for the Fantasy Fans

Perhaps your friend likes to steer clear of the mainstream society and more towards the fringe where the gothic fantasies dwell. If so, then finding a goth-inspired gift will be the best option. You can find thousands of options online, from one of a kind collectibles to T-shirts and other random goth gifts. If you don’t already know, then find out what your friend’s favorite goth fantasy is and shop now to find the ultimate awesome gift.

3.Art Subscription Box

In today’s digital day, a physical art and design gift are incredibly unique and special. If you think your friend will appreciate a tangible art gift, one that he or she can actually physically use instead of interacting with online, then a monthly art subscription box could be the perfect present. There are a few different ones to choose from. Look at your different options and select one that is focused on the mediums that your friend loves best. One example of a monthly art box is the Art Snacks Monthly box. With this box, you can get a fun edible snack with every box as well as thoughtful and valuable physical artistic things to play with as well. Whether you just want to purchase a three month, six months, or even an annual (for the really special friend in your life), there are many different options for you.

4.For the Coloring Fans

If your friend is a fan of mandala coloring-in books or any adult coloring in for that matter, then check out the larger canvas coloring. This is an awesome gift for coloring book lovers. You can give them the gift of a mural-sized canvas that they can paint by numbers or simply just color it in as if it is a larger page out of the coloring book. Check out this cool gift idea by Fancy Features and find one of the most unique gifts for your art-loving friend.

5.Customized Shoes

One of the greatest thing that has developed from the online world is Etsy stores. These stores are so cool because you can get almost everything personalized. This store, in particular, She Talks to Rainbows, is a favorite almost alternative art lovers. If your friend loves all things space, galactic, mermaid-ey or even unicorn-ey, then this is the gift for him or her. On this store, you can get shiny shoes printed with the solar system, the galaxy or even mermaid scales for your arty friend. Take a look through the store and check out the awesome designs that you can select from. They will definitely be one of the most unique gifts you can possibly find for your friend.

6.Artist’s Apron

Whether your friend is a drawer, painter, sculptor or candlestick maker, he or she will definitely use an apron on a daily basis. So why not get them a cute apron that you know will be loved and appreciated? Again, due to the resounding success of small businesses on the internet, you will be able to either personalize a unique apron for your friend or find the perfect one that suits his or her personality almost perfectly.

7.Art Inspiration

Another common thing in today’s modern society is an inspirational quote. On a daily basis, no matter where you turn your attention, you will find an inspirational quote. This book, How to Steal like an Artist by Austin Kleon, is the perfect art inspiration book. And no, it doesn’t have the stereotypical Seize the Day quotes- it has a collection of quotes and advises that only an artist will love and appreciate. Another cool thing about the book is the extra doodle space that they provide- a feature every artist can appreciate.

8. A Long Distance Love Bomb by Dr. Jeremy Goldstein

One of the best books for the modern day, Dr. Jeremy Goldstein has released a new book, It’ll be okay, and you will be too, and it is quite possibly the greatest gift that you could give somebody, artist or not. It is a ‘tear and share’ book of heartfelt penned poems and thoughts that are designed to spread the word that being kind is one of the coolest things to do (and be). Even just simply introducing your friend to the creative and simply awesome human being that is Dr. Jeremy Goldstein is a great gift in itself. Check out the website to give yourself the gift and then pass it forward to your friend. This is a gift that will last, as it is guaranteed to put a smile on his or her face for many days to come.

9.Customized Artist’s Mug

If your friend pours hours of his or her heart and soul into art, whether its words or paint, then there is almost a hundred percent guarantee that copious amounts of tea or coffee are being drunk as well. Get your friend a special artists mug and they will be smiling every time they take a sip. Whether your friend is a nut for art history, Gustav Klimt or Frida Kahlo you can get them an awesome and unique customized to their favorite art.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I love the customized shoes. I have several people that this will be perfect for including myself.