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Fuss Free Ways to Become a Vegetarian in No Time

There are countless benefits to becoming a vegetarian, including losing weight, feeling healthier, and saving the environment. But, for some serious carnivore lovers, this change may be easier said than done. It can be intimidating to completely cut meat out of your diet and, when it is so easy to fail, it’s hard to keep up with this new change in lifestyle. 

Luckily, there are some great and easy methods that will help you become a vegetarian without you feeling as if you are missing out on your favorite foods. Here are some tactics to try out:

Small but steady

Don’t feel that you have to cut out meat immediately and that you’ll never be able to eat meat again. Rather, make some slow but steady cuts to your diet so the change doesn’t seem too drastic. For example, try cutting out one protein one week such as chicken. Then, during the next week, try removing pork. Then, cut out beef in addition the week after. Be gentle on yourself when it comes to enjoying the foods you like the most. If you really are craving a burger or some bacon with your breakfast, don’t feel like you always have to say no right off the bat. Making this transition gently will help you deal with any cravings you may have and, in turn, you’ll feel that you can stick to the diet easier.

Ask around for recipes

A big hurdle for people who want to go vegetarian is that they don’t know how to create proper meals and feel that they are deprived come mealtime. But, this can easily be bypassed when you have a good arsenal of recipes at hand when you lack some inspiration. Ask your vegetarian friends for their favorite meal recipes, splurge on a few cookbooks, and even follow a couple vegetarian food blogs online to get you inspired. You’ll be surprised at how easy it takes to feed yourself completely wholesome vegetarian meals with ingredients you most likely have on hand.

Stock up on supplements

You’ll want to make sure you are consuming enough protein, vitamins, and minerals when you make the change to a vegetarian. But how do you know that your levels are where they need to be during this transition? The answer is easy; stocking up on some supplements. There are plenty of online vitamin manufacturers with plenty of options to invest in when you are looking to stay healthy without consuming meat.

Try a new food every week

Your diet is yours for you to experiment with and enjoy. Don’t forget to have fun with what you’re eating as there’s a bunch of new textures and flavors you most likely haven’t even tried when eating meat. So, make it a personal challenge to try a new food every single week; with new foods will come plenty of interesting recipes to try. Having the constant challenge of trying something new will have you forgetting all about the lack of meat in your diet.

Stock up on snacks

Snacking can be any dieter’s downfall. Consider stocking up on some healthy vegetarian snacks as a way to ensure you aren’t tempted by unhealthy, non-vegetarian foods. Take a look at the snacks you already have as chances are some may be vegetarian or even vegan without you knowing it. Some good staples to keep around the house include crackers, nut butter, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, nuts, hummus, tortilla chips, pitas, salsa, granola, fruits, and vegetables.

Try sticking to these easy tips and tricks when you decide to transition your diet to be a vegetarian. Soon, you won’t even miss the meat from your diet and your body will thank you for it.


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