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Four Things You Need for a Good Home Massage

Four Things You Need for a Good Home Massage


Massages have several benefits; they reduces anxiety, relieve pain, relax the muscles, and stimulate circulation. The Mayo Clinic also indicates that a medical massage may be helpful in treating several illnesses, including fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, and digestive disorders.

While it is best to consult a professional massage therapist regarding a medical issue, you and your partner can actually give each other relaxation massages in the comfort of your home. If you are wanting to enjoy the relaxing benefits of massages at a home, here are a few items that you should consider.

Massage Table

When working on a couch or bed, the person giving the massage often has to bend into an uncomfortable position, causing back and shoulder pain. Also, beds and couches could be too soft, or too firm, which can affect the quality of the massage. A massage table provides firm-yet-cushioned support for the person getting the massage, and is adjustable to allow the person giving the massage comfortable access.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars, or take up valuable space, with a permanent table; there are plenty of retailers that sell affordable portable massage tables that can be folded up and stored between uses.

Massage Oils

Baby oil will certainly work in a pinch, but it’s made from mineral oil, which is a petroleum by-product. Plant-based, preferably food-grade, oils are best for massage. Grape seed oil has a very light texture, almost no scent, and absorbs well into the skin. Jojoba oil is cosmetic oil that’s very similar to the oils your own skin produces. Apricot and sweet almond oil are also good options. You can also use olive oil in a pinch, but be aware that it does have a very distinctive smell.

You can also buy specially blended massage oils, but they often have fragrances that can linger on the skin. Store the oil in the refrigerator between uses to keep it from going rancid. Put the bottle in a bowl of hot water to warm it up before use.

Massage Sheets

It’s always a good idea to have a separate set, or two, of dedicated massage sheets to keep you from staining your “good” sheets. They don’t have to be fancy, but they should be absorbent, comfortable and breathable; a simple set of cotton sheets works wonderfully. If you are using a massage table, they do sell sheets specifically for tables, but a set of fitted twin sheets will work just as well and may cost less.

Aromatherapy Products

The right scent can enhance your massage experience. Lighting a lavender-scented candle, or adding some lavender essential oil to a diffuser can fill the room with a relaxing aroma. Exotic flower scents can give a romantic feel. Invigorating scents, like mint or eucalyptus, can relieve fatigue and even clear your sinuses. Scents like vanilla and cinnamon are homey and comforting. It’s always a good idea to scent the room, instead of the massage oil, because some essential oils can irritate the skin.

While you don’t necessarily need any of these items to give a good home massage, having them can enhance the experience. They can also make the massage easier to perform, and more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Becky Wilcox is a freelance writer who enjoys writing about beauty, fashion, technology and more.  She writes for Life with Lisa as well as several other blogs and websites.  Check back soon for more from Becky.


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