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For the Love of Your Pets: CBD Oil and CBD Pet Treats from MediPets

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by MediPetsCBD.com.

It is not uncommon for our furry family members to suffer from many of the same ailments we experience. Whether it is being anxious and high strung to having skin conditions that require TLC. Thankfully there are some alternative medications for pets that are available on the market now called CBD. CBD is a type of cannabis that is often confused with the drug marijuana, however, CBD has a ton of medicinal benefits that you can’t find in marijuana and it does not have the psychoactive components found in pot. You will find that CBD is being used for pets and people to treat arthritis, pain, skin conditions, diabetes, and more.

As CBD becomes more popular for adults, research shows there are potential benefits for pets as well. Here are some of the top benefits CBDs have for your furry family members…

Benefits of CBD for Pets

  • Joint Pain and Mobility Relief: much like it helps adults with arthritis, CBD is a great source for relieving joint pain and mobility problems common in our aging pets
  • Skin Conditions: there are so many vitamins and antioxidants in CBD oil that it’s a great way to treat your pets dry, itching skin as well as other common conditions such as hair loss, constant licking, red patches, and skin odor
  • Treat Anxiety and Stress: it isn’t uncommon to find Rover shaking, under the bed during storms and the use of CBD Oil For Dogs and CBD Pet Treats are a great way to help him calm down
  • Aging and Wellness: as our pets grow old CBDs can be used to help them through their senior years and give them a better quality of life.

If you are worried about what goes into the products from MediPets CBD, their products are organically grown and harvested under the most optimal conditions. They use the best quality raw materials from the US and Europe and have stringent quality checks to ensure they are meeting their high standards. When it comes to extraction their approach is gentle ensuring the highest quality CBD with naturally beneficial molecules. They even test their products in a lab to ensure the product is safe, consistent and something you can feel confident in giving to your pets.

The CBD Oil For Dogs comes in a small dog, medium dog, and large dog strengths and have no fear, they also have CBD oils for cat lovers too. MediPets CBD products do not have THC, and are safe and gentle enough for cats. You can even find Lab Reports on their site because they are transparent and want you to feel comfortable with what you give your furry family members. They also offer CBD Pet Treats for both cats and dogs.  The MediPets CBD Pet Treats are infused with CBD oil and are for all breeds and sizes with flavors and formulations that are sure to keep them healthy and happy.

You can find Purrs & Puffs and Tartar Control for your kitties and Cheese Wraps, Meaty Beef Treats, Chicken Training Bites, and Meaty Steak Treats for your favorite pups. If that isn’t enough there are also Liver Meatballs, Wavy Bacon and Cheese, Salmon Bites, Turkey Sweet Potato, Specialty Dog Biscuits and more to choose from. With all the choices you can be sure that your furry friend will not get bored and there is something for even the pickiest of palates.

Does your pet suffer from anxiety? If so you might want to try the MediPets CBD pet spray instead. It is easier to give to your pet with a simple spray into his/her mouth. The MediPets Natural CBD Pet Spray is a 100% natural like their other products and it is a great way to help your pets deal with stress and anxiety.

The MediPet Natural CBD Pet Spray contains 100mg of CBD and releases essential oils to help your pet whether cat or dog feel at home in any environment. Ideal to use before long car journeys or other potentially stressful situations. This natural CBD spray for pets helps your dog or cat feel at home in any environment. Ideal to spray into your pet’s mouth before long car journeys or other potentially stressful situations. MediPets CBD Pet Spray is a non GMO and made in the USA.

However your furry family members prefer their CBD treatment, MediPets CBD has the answer for you. Which one do you think your pet would like best?


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Now our furry friends can have the benefits of natural meds. Great idea.