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Five Things All Brick and Mortar Locations Should Have

If you have a brick and mortar store, restaurant, boutique, or other business, be mindful of all the types of customers that will be entering your location. Be mindful of their ages. Be mindful of people who have physical disabilities. Be aware of everyone who may come to your business location because they can help with the number of customers and sales you have. When a business location is more accessible, more people will shop with the business. When you have a physical location for a business, you need to be aware of those who will come to do business with you that might have mobility issues. 

One of the most important things a brick and mortar location should have is a building that is accessible to the people who will be coming frequently. For example, your business should have a sidewalk or entry that makes it possible for people to enter who have mobility issues. People should be able to enter your brick and mortar store with an electric wheelchair, regular wheelchair, or a walker.

Brick and mortar locations should be aware of all types of people who will come to their place of business. Making sure your business is accessible by all people of varying degrees of mobility is a necessity. Inclusivity of all people is key to lasting in the business world. Having seating that is comfortable for people with mobility issues. This will aid them in being comfortable in your business.

If you discover your brick and mortar location is not accessible to all people then reconsider if this is the best location for your business. There may be some small changes you can make to help people who have mobility issues enter your business location easier. People with mobility issues need assistance with transportation and entering places. Having the building and location that makes them feel comfortable is very important especially if you are aiming to cater to people who have issues with their mobility.

The second thing your business should have is great staff and awesome customer service. Nothing hurts a business more than having unhappy staff who are rude to customers. In addition, the way your staff speaks to customers and treats customers matters. If you want to go out of business, hire staff that does not treat customers correctly or does not do their job correctly.

Thirdly, a business should keep up with the numbers. No one goes into business to go bankrupt, but overlooking the numbers will lead to bankruptcy. Keep up with your operating costs. Keep up with the amount of money you are spending on the payroll. Save some of your profit. You never know when you will have to pay for the emergency expense or make upgrades and updates to your business. It will be hard to turn a profit if you’re unsure of what it costs to run your business and what you will charge customers. Make enough profit where you can draw a salary from the business as well. If numbers are not your thing, then you should hire someone or seek financial counsel from someone who is skilled with finances.

Fourth on our list is a winning product or service. Ultimately, people flock to a business because it has something they want. Whatever your selling must be completely different, of good quality, and sold at a price that meets the demand of the people who want to pay for it. Figure out what sets you apart from the competition. Allow what makes you different to be your selling point. Show your difference in your logo, technology, brand colors, slogan, website, social media, and brick and mortar location.

Finally, your business should have marketing, especially if you are a new business or have a new business concept then you should be advertising to people. Customers should be aware of any offers or coupons that you have. People should know where your business is located, your business email, website, business phone number, social media handles, and any other important information. Marketing is important to the success of any company, especially newer ones.



  1. Mary A Ambrosino says

    All brick and mortar locations should follow these suggestions. More access means more business.