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Finding the Perfect Bloom for Each Occasion

There are numerous occasions where flowers are used as an appropriate gift. This includes everything from weddings to get well wishes. Many people are confused by which blooms to send for these occasions. The options can be quite overwhelming, but there are a few standard guidelines one can follow when creating the perfect arrangement for each individual event.

Floral Arrangement


There are many celebrations throughout one’s life where a flower arrangement makes the perfect gift. Weddings are the first that come to mind. Seasonal flowers are the obvious choice as they are in abundance and affordable. Spring brides enjoy pastels while an autumn wedding is best highlighted by the rich, deep colors of fall. When sending an anniversary arrangement to friends, one can select flowers that can be incorporated with fruit or gourmet baskets, and birthday celebrations always call for bright and colorful blooms.


Holidays are easier to shop for when it comes to flowers. Certain blooms are closely linked to specific days. The poinsettia, Christmas cactus, and holly are yule time favorites. Easter immediately brings to mind the soft hues of a Calla Lilly as well as white roses and carnations. Autumn holidays incorporate many of the rich hues found in nature at this time of year. A Thanksgiving bouquet can be made up of daisies, roses, and carnations mixed with chrysanthemums, marigolds, and wheat. These same flowers can be placed in a jack-o-lantern for a fun Halloween piece.

Special Occasions

The birth of a baby should always include several bouquets of brightly colored flowers to welcome the little one into the world. Lilies in shades of red, blue, and yellow are always stunning when presented to a graduate. Get well arrangements also include bright and cheerful hues. Occasions where more muted colors are acceptable would be sympathy and funeral arrangements. At these moments the soft look of gladiolas, white daisies, and white carnations are best.

No matter what occasion one is sending flowers for, the recipients personal tastes should always be considered. Start with the above mentioned blooms, and add something to make each arrangement personalized to the recipient. There are several online florists who can help. Check out their range of products at sites such as flowersforeveryone.com.