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Fall is the Time to Find Lawn Furniture

Fall is the Time to Find Lawn Furniture

 lawn chairs from shackletons

As the days get shorter the thoughts of many people tend more towards where they will stack and store the garden furniture than going out to purchase more. Those that understand that everybody has that same mindset realize this is a great time to get new instead.

Just as it is a headache every year for you to find a place to stow the lawn chairs and table and umbrella, it is the same problem for both the retail stores and the manufacturers. Their problem is on a much larger scale however and in the case of the retailer it is virtually impossible to store something or take up valuable retail floor space with something that will be around for 4-5 months before there is a market for it again. Because of this, manufacturers will sell at huge discounts to clear out warehouse space they need for the storage of new items being built for spring shipping and retailers will sell any leftovers at amazing discounts.

The selection will not be as good in October as it was in April obviously, but you can take advantage of the fact that often times the pieces left are the very high end furniture. In October it is often possible to purchase the top of the line at a price lower than low mid-grade in the spring. Rather than settling for vinyl chairs with thin pads, home quality rattan furniture with full cushions might suddenly be in the budget. For examples of this higher quality garden furniture visit Shackletons online.

The question of buying it now and then storing it for several months is easy to answer. If you had purchased it in the spring, you would still be looking for someplace to store it now so there is no real difference in that. There will also still be many gorgeous fall days in many climates where an afternoon of fresh air can still be enjoyed.

For the truly budget minded, taking advantage of the fact that many others are having the same storage question can be a real windfall. Shopping the local classifieds for used outdoor furniture in a low demand market can allow you to purchase entire sets for less than the new cost of a single piece in the spring. To avoid having the storage problem come up every year after you take advantage of the fall pricing to buy it, consider getting the all-weather covers so you can simply leave it in place over the winter.