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Fall Photography Using Your Smartphone or Tablet

fall photography using your smartphone or tablet

It’s one of the most beautiful times of the year and the colors in many places are gorgeous right now. Over the next few weeks you will have the opportunity to have one of the most sought out canvases a photographer could ask for so here are some tips on taking advantage of it with your smartphone or tablet.

Overall Fall Photography Tips

  • Look for the still bodies of water in lakes for capturing reflections. Position yourself down to the water’s edge with the treeline in the top half of the shot and its reflection will fill the foreground. Play with color saturation on days that are sunny, but keep your eye on the reflection in the water.
  • Get down and dirty for some really great shots. Sometimes the best shots in the Fall are the ones on the ground where all the colorful leaves have already fallen. Don’t be afraid to lay down and take some shots as the perspective can be different and fun.
  • Overcast and later afternoon shots are the best. The bright sun tends to wash out the color of the Fall foliage so you will find shots taken later in the afternoon or on overcast days will tend to be the ones with the most color.

Smartphone/Tablet Fall Photography Tips

  • First and foremost be sure to have a full charge if you are heading out to do photos with your phone. This is the one that always gets me and there is nothing worse than seeing the shot of the day only to have your cellphone die before you can take the shot.
  • Blurred shots are probably the number one reason why smartphone and tablet photos don’t come out. Be sure to use both hands and lock your elbows into your body to give your device a stable shot. You can also think like a sniper, take the shot as you slowly exhale and be sure you have your smartphone on a stable surface such as a fence if you aren’t holding it yourself.
  • Get up-close and personal. Remember that using your zoom often reduces the clarity of the photo and often makes it more grainy looking. Move closer until you have the shot you want without adjusting the zoom when possible.
  • Shoot with the rule of thirds in mind and use the grid feature on your device. Not only will it keep your horizon straight, but it will show you where to put your subject of interest using the rule of thirds. You can find the grid feature on the iPhone in Settings, then Photos & Camera, then Grid and on the Android, click Settings, and tap the Grid feature.

Finally, tweak your photos using apps!  Apps are your friend and there are a ton of great ones out there for iPhone and Android users.  Find the one you like or maybe a couple and capture this Fall on your favorite device!

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  1. I’m so guilty of using the zoom on my smartphone to take pictures! I’m working on moving myself closer to keep the clarity better.

  2. Great tips! Printing them out and decorating around the house would be fun and cost effective! Check out our blog for some more money saving ideas: https://hfuw.wordpress.com/

  3. I love these tips! I need to work on some of them. I would love to get a reflection picture.

  4. I love these tips and will be trying them this weekend!! Let’s hope!