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Facts about Boilers: Things to Consider Before Making a Purchase

Purchasing a new boiler can’t be an easy task. It is an expensive and big decision. Installation of a new boiler may cost between $1,800 and $3,000. A new boiler is essential for your house to avoid cold showers in freezing months. Make sure to buy a new boiler from a decent place.  

To cover this expensive purchase, you will need boiler insurance like Corgi Home Plan. Boiler insurance can decrease your stress by covering repair and breakdown expenses of your boiler. You will get peace of mind because your insurance provider will help you to find an expert technician to fix possible issues. If you are planning to buy a new boiler, here are some things to consider before making a purchase.

Consider Expert Opinion

Before buying a boiler, feel free to consult an expert for important information. A boiler’s engineer may help you to find invaluable information. Based on his/her opinion, you will be able to choose the best size and type of boiler based on your needs. Expert opinion may help you to buy a reliable brand with a suitable guarantee. You can also consider the advice of your insurance provider before purchasing a boiler. In this way, you will get a reasonable cover for your boiler.

Pay Attention to After Care Support

You will need a boiler with a decent warranty. Several boiler manufacturers claim the installer returns for assessment of break down in a unit. Break down in a boiler is common because of poor installation. If the wrong installation is responsible for a broken down unit, the manufacturer may charge the homeowner for the callout.

As a result, the homeowner will chase a heating engineer for payment. Nowadays, some manufacturers ask for upfront payment for the callout, and they may reimburse this amount after finding a fault on the boiler. Before installing your boiler, consult your insurance provider because he/she may refer you to an expert.

Understand the Types of Boilers

In the market, you will get three main types of boilers, such as conventional, system and combination boiler.

Combination Boiler

A combi or combination boiler is a great system to provide on-demand hot water. It can be an excellent choice in several homes. It is a creative space-saving unit and famous in the UK. A combination boiler is renowned for a central heating system and high-efficiency water. This compact unit can work well without different hot water cylinders. After installing this boiler, you will get a consistent flow of water through shower or taps. With a combi boiler, you can save space, time and money on its installation.

Heat-only Boilers

These are also known as regular boilers or conventional boilers. With these boilers, you can efficiently heat your house. These units use a storage cistern and two feeds (one for cold water and other for hot water). The system pumps water to heat it or store hot water to use later. The hot water feed will keep your house warm by pumping hot water around. You can control this boiler with an on/off switch. Just turn it on when you need hot water or switch it off after finishing your work. These boilers are suitable for large households where many people need hot water simultaneously.

System Boiler

These boilers are similar to heat-only boilers, but it has more components that are built-in. If you have two or even more bathrooms in your house, you will need a system boiler. This unit comes with hot water and main heating components. You must have a separate sealed tank or cylinder to store hot water. These boilers can pump hot water toward a hot water tank and radiators.

The hot water and heating components reside in the system boiler. Installation of these boilers is easy than conventional boilers. These units take less space as compared to other models. These boilers are also famous as closed vent units. A hot water cylinder is available in this boiler, but the expansion and feed tanks are replaced by one expansion vessel. The unit contains a circulation pump and some valves.

You can consider any one of these boilers as per your need. Pay special attention to the physical size of the boiler. A boiler must fit in your available space and satisfy the hot water needs of your family.     


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