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Exclusive Party City Halloween Coupons with Chuze

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Chuze and this is my unbiased experience learning about and using this app. There are affiliate links in this post.


Great Halloween Savings at Party City with Chuze

20% off $70 or more at Party City

Remember when I was telling you about that new shopping app, Chuze? Well, right now they have amazing Halloween Coupons which would be perfect for your Halloween parties! I know I found quite a few that were perfect so be sure to check them out! You can add some great Halloween ideas to your Party City shopping list and find deals on temporary tattoos, stickers, toys and glow sticks. Get your Party City Coupon here!

Also new with Chuze are bundled coupons! Want to do Taco Tuesday? Well they have a shopping list for that… Try the new Halloween Bundle and you’ll find coupons for Duncan Hines Cake, Frosting and “Any Product,” too.

Shoppers can take advantage of Chuze’s Halloween Bundle, and redeem the coupons from October 23rd to October 31st. Shoppers download the free app for Android or iPhone, register their email address, then look for an email invite. They can also access the bundle right in the app, by scanning a code or typing “Halloween Bundle” into their grocery list. After Halloween, Chuze will keep inviting subscribers to explore different bundles as they’re created. Their mission is to make it easier to Be Super and help families find all those little moments of joy in the everyday.

A side mention, Chuze has joined the Teal Pumpkin Project – displaying a teal-painted pumpkin helps children with food allergies find their way to safe Halloween treats. What a great idea! Be sure to add some food allergy safe treats to your shopping list so that you can join in too!

We’re building a community, please spread the word! It’s about grocery shopping smarter! First Step, Get the app! Then stay tuned here for more exciting Chuze news!

  1. Download & Install Chuze (it is available for iOS & Android)
  2. Now, start a list. You can scan UPC codes with your phone to add products, type in items & even add comments!
  3. Share your list with your partner, kids or helpers, right from your mobile.
  4. If your settings allow Chuze to know your location, you can try aisle-ordering! We’re building a system that organizes your list by aisle, so no track-backs! Just open your app in the store and press “Select a store.”
  5. Finally, you may see some coupons, right on your list. When we get to 200,000 users, we’ll have great coupons you can use at the register, right from your phone! For now, you’ll have to print them from Google Cloud.
P.S. They are building the app YOU want, so please use the “Feedback” function in the app to tell them what you think!

Follow the brand on Twitter @GetChuze


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