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Enjoy The Rest of The Summer Without Going Broke

If you live in a big city, when huge events fill the dog days of summer, there are a lot of temptations that promise to run away with your budget. If you’re worried you won’t be able to say ‘no’ to these events and other late-summer attractions, look to these tips to keep the rest of the season from breaking your budget.

Take up a hobby

One of the biggest mistakes made by the money-conscious is that they don’t organize their time to support their new goals to save. They’ll avoid getting tickets to the Ex, only to leave that block of time empty — giving them nothing to do except dwell on how much fun they aren’t having by staying home.  Though they may not immediately break down and head to the Ex grounds, this boredom may manifest in other ways — like going to the mall, meeting friends on the patio, or going to another festival altogether.

You can prevent this from happening by taking up a new hobby. Whether it’s learning how to draw, knit, garden, or play an instrument, this practical use of time is a win-win. Not only will you prevent boredom from tugging on your budget, but you’ll also learn valuable new skills in the meantime.

Relocate your next meetup

Sometimes, it’s the people we love the most who threaten our budgets the most. It can be a challenge to say no to friends and family when they invite you out for drinks or a day trip out of the city. Before you know it, you can get caught up enjoying the cocktails and appetizers on a beautiful downtown patio, and ruin all the hard work you’ve done to save.

It’s not like you can cut these people out of your life, so approach the problem from a different angle. Instead of meeting at a place that promises an extensive bill, invite your friends and family over for a BBQ or potluck. These low-cost entertaining tips can help you keep your role as host an affordable one. You’ll have just as much fun as you would at a restaurant or bar. Just remember to speak with your loved ones about your plans to save.

Be practical

It can be challenging to change your habits, especially if you spent the entire season spending without a second thought for your finances. Experts say it can take as many as 66 days to break a habit, so don’t be surprised if you slip up now and again. Mistakes happen; what’s important is how you recover from this financial faux-pas.

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Whatever happens, don’t give up. Just like breaking a habit like smoking, it may take you a few times to get your spending under control. Seeking out advice and learning new ways to occupy your time can make your task a little bit easier. With the right mindset and the right distractions, you can escape the rest of the season with your budget intact.