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Embracing Your Filipino Culture: Balut Wordless Wednesday (Linky)

Sometimes embracing the Filipino culture can be a challenge.  I think my husband (German and Irish and other European descent) is more Filipino than I am – especially since he will try things such as Balut.  What’s Balut? Balut are fertilized duck eggs that are at the stage of development where there is a developing embryo inside.  The embryo is normally around 17 days old.  The egg is boiled and usually eaten with salt, just like a normal hard boiled egg….but there is nothing normal (to me) about feet sticking out of my egg.

Would you eat it?


  1. I saw a contest for eating these on the news! Girl, I am a VERY adventurous eater – I’ll try almost anything – but eggs are already a borderline ‘icky’ food for me – and I’m almost gagging just reading this post, LOL! It’s an injury to my pride, but I’d have to pass on the fertilized duck eggs 🙂

  2. YUCK!! No – I would NOT ever, ever, ever even THINK about trying it!!

  3. No. No, no, no, no. Just no. Ew.

  4. Eww and nope, this is as bad as those jarred pickled pigs feet – just yuck!

  5. Saw this blog post via Lisa’s tweet. Balut, the looks of it, can be very deceiving. I agree with you guys that the looks of it can make yo go ew and yuck. It was even considered a challenge food for FEAR FACTOR contestants before (that’s how extreme this food is). But trust me, the taste of it is really amazing if cooked and done the right way. =) .

  6. No thank you!

  7. NO! never ever would I even tough one of those. UGH!

  8. Nope! Certainly not! 🙂

  9. NO! But my husband and two oldest boys would for sure!

  10. Isn’t this like animal cruelty? I could not do it – I don’t like eating anything that resembles what it looked like alive. Plus, I’d hate to think that a baby was made for the sole purpose of being eaten before it ever saw the light of day 🙁

  11. I know i could never be on Fear Factor because I just can’t stomach that kind of stuff.

  12. Maybe if I was on Survivor and would win a million bucks to eat it. 🙂

  13. Nope. Nada. No WAY!

  14. You know, I love eggs but that would be a big fat no!

  15. No. Just no. Oh and ick.

  16. Mary Ambrosino says

    They certainly are off putting in appearance and even if they taste like regular eggs I would have to decline. Some people will eat anything. I don’t think it is any more cruel to eat than a regular hard boiled egg but it is certainly alot more unattractive and unappetising. Give me a pickled pigs foot instead any day.

  17. I so wouldn’t eat it!

  18. Oh, my! I don’t think I could keep that down. 🙂