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Dubai Hotels On A Shoestring Budget

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Many people who have always dreamt of visiting Dubai, The City of Gold, tend to assume that it costs a huge fortune to stay there even for a few days. This discourages them from visiting this place. The truth is that not only will you be left spellbound by the beauty of this place but also by the costs at which you can enjoy it. Here are some ways in which you can enjoy your stay in Dubai on a shoestring budget.


The first thing you would need to consider if you want to find affordable hotels in Dubai is the location. Did you know that some places in Dubai have inexpensive accommodation options? Some people might think that you only get what you pay for but this is not the case with accommodation options in the city of Dubai. Of course, some people want to enjoy both their stay as well as their vacation in this city but what they do not realize is that they can have the best of both even if they go in for inexpensive hotels in the city. If you always thought that you can possibly never check off this dream of visiting Dubai from your bucket list, you should give this possibility a chance.

Eat at less

No matter what your cravings are – Indian, American, Continental or anything else – Dubai has everything for you. However, if price is a concern, you could always opt for eating Indian or any other street foods that come at unbelievably low rates. You can rest assured that these foods are prepared under hygienic conditions and not without care – especially since Dubai is a city of expatriates who come from variegated countries, who would expect nothing less than international standards in everything that is done. If your hotel is already offering food at a low cost, there is nothing like it.

Cheap facilities

Some inexpensive hotels in the city offer cheap or even free facilities such as entertainment options, special events, and much more. You do not have to cut back on your once in a lifetime experience just because you cannot afford some things in it. Instead, you need to understand that there is always another way out. If your hotel does not offer any such additional facilities, you can always go to the places, where you can enjoy some of these options at a low cost or for nothing.

Special offers

Some affordable hotels in Dubai offer special vouchers while some others are close to centers of entertainment, food joints, etc. You would need to do some research on what your hotel has to offer you before embarking on a trip to this city. Want to enjoy a desert safari or a belly dance show? Then, you could use the vouchers that have been given to you by your hotel and make the most of them. However, you need to find out first as to whether the hotel is offering these at all. If not, then you would need to make arrangements to get some international special offer vouchers from your own country before leaving.