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Driven to Drowsiness: Tips and Tech for Grabbing Some Shut Eye on the Side of the Road

Let’s face it: Sleeping in the car is no fun at all. But sometimes there is no alternative. You may be stopping off for a quick doze on a long journey to avoid getting sleepy behind the wheel, or you might find yourself on a long journey to deal with an emergency situation.

Whatever the reason, if you need to pull over and get some sleep in your car, it can be a challenge. Here are some tips you can use to help you get a better night’s sleep at the side of the road.

Choose a Safe Spot

First up, make sure you choose somewhere safe to spend the night. You won’t be able to relax properly if you are constantly on-edge about your security, so make sure you find somewhere safe. This usually means somewhere with good lighting, other vehicles, and maybe even security.

Keep a Sleep Mask in Your Car

One thing you should keep in your car is a sleep mask. A simple sleep mask can block out the light from passing cars, which could otherwise be distracting and prevent you from drifting off.

Of course, there are more advanced sleep masks available as well, like the Neuroon sleep mask. This is a smart sleep mask that uses light therapy to help you sleep, so you might want to try it out.

Pack Your Normal Pillow

When you know you have a long journey ahead, pack your pillow from home. The familiarity will help you to relax when the time comes to get some sleep. The feel and smell of the pillow will provide more comfort than a spare one, making it worth taking.

Always Carry an Extra Blanket

Cars can get cold at night, and if you are too cold you will have a difficult time falling asleep. Avoid this by packing some extra warm clothes and always having a spare blanket in your car. This is a good thing to do all the time in case you get stuck in bad weather, and it can make all the difference when it comes to getting some better rest.

Soothe Yourself to Sleep with Music

If you have your smartphone with you, which you probably will, make sure you download a smart alarm clock app. One of the best is Alarm Clock for Me Free, which you can learn more about at the Google Play store.

With this, you can set a timer and fall asleep to your favorite tunes, and you can then wake yourself up at the right time with another tune.

Block Out the Sounds of the Road

Alternatively, invest in some noise-canceling headphones to block out all the sounds. Passing cars, music, and people talking can all prevent you from drifting off, so block out the sounds and sleep in silence with a good pair of headphones.

Sleep Better on the Road

Next time you find yourself forced to sleep in your car, try using these tips to see whether you can get some shut-eye. It’s never easy sleeping sitting up in your car, but you can help to make it easier by following these tips, so keep them in mind next time.