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Do You Need A Dog Playpen?

If you are interested in training your pup or dog in a safe and fun environment while keeping it protected from any harmful things, choosing a dog playpen is a great option! It can be quite tricky to manage your pet at home while being at home or outside, particularly the puppy proofing of all the rooms.

The peace of mind you get by being able to leave your pup alone in a restricted area while not supervising it is simply awesome.

Do You Need A Dog Playpen?

A dog playpen is an amazing tool that helps you raise a well-trained pet. Puppies always look for presence, whether it is yours, children, other dogs or anything else that moves around and keeps them entertained and safe. It is important to eliminate this instinct from the dog’s brain so that the dog starts being happy while enjoying some time alone sleeping and resting peacefully.

A playpen is a safe area where a dog can be left alone without any worry. These tools are great for those who cannot manage to supervise the dogs at all the times, maybe because of the work hours or anything else.

Those who have a yard and wish to let the pets move from garden to home and around can invest in a good quality dog playpen.

In short, a dog playpen is one of the necessities for anybody having one or more dogs even if they don’t use it every day. It saves your puppy from getting on dangerous items and they learn to be happy without any company. Lovely, isn’t it?

How To Choose The Right Dog Playpen?

Though most playpens look similar in all the ways, there are some small factors that make big differences. Playpens range from low-quality simple pen to top-class exercising pen and their features vary to a great extent.

To start the selection process, the first thing to consider is the space. You obviously want your dog to find enough space to stretch, sit, walk around and play.

You should also see that there is enough room to place a fake grass or training pad to let your dog poo a little away from its bedding. The bed space should be different and comfortable. You should separate it from the rest of the playpen by covering it.

Another factor that helps decide between any two options is the construction of the playpen. If you are looking for a playpen for a small dog, you can consider a sturdy plastic model. Such a plastic model can be preferred if you want to leave it out in the rain as it prevents any rust and mold. For bigger dogs, you can consider metallic wired playpens. These models are built to last longer though they rust.

Another important factor is safety which manufacturers have paid attention to in recent years. A good dog playpen should stay strongly attached to the ground, hold steadily and panels should stay locked safely with the door being additionally secure. You don’t want your dog playpen to fall down like a card house, right?

Introducing the Play Pen to the Dog

It is better to introduce the playpen to your pup right in his first weeks to make it a part of its life. The puppy would grow happily living inside the playpen if it is familiar with it right from the beginning. Older dogs might take some time to get used to play pen and remain calm inside it.

Getting familiar with playpen would start slowly with just a few minutes inside and out, with you and then without you and with increasing the duration.

Treats and toys are a great boost particularly if the dogs are stubborn. However, treats could become a tool to get your dogs do anything and should be used carefully. Toys are great for playpens and they should always be kept there. You can even consider a new toy at intervals, particularly when you want to disappear.

1.   Don’t Consider the Playpen as a Prison

Many dog owners put the dogs into pens as a punishment for their wrong behavior. This is a big mistake as it creates a wrong impression about the playpen. Your dog starts associating the pen with a bad experience. You should never force your dog into a pen. You should rather let your dog take its time to start loving the pen and going for it.

For example, you can put the food inside the pen and close its door to keep it away from access. This would make the dog crave for the food and going into the pen. It may probably start loving being in the pen.

2.   Dealing with Dog Cries and Whines

When your dog cries, it is quite difficult to ignore its look and it gets more difficult when it begins whining. In some conditions, the dog can even start giving loud barks. It is important that you DO NOT GIVE UP!

In fact, it is advisable not to pay attention to the dog and its actions. Avoid looking at it, saying anything, mumbling, puffing or giving any reaction. When you do this, you show how useless it is to cry or whine. Every dog would stop doing this if you practice this constantly for few days or weeks.

Before opening the door to let the dog go, command it to calm and sit down. Though this might be difficult at first because both you and dog will be impatient to meet each other but it can be achieved.

3.   Choosing the Best Dog Playpen

A great dog playpen is the one which caters your requirements. Whether you want a portable playpen or not, the application is indoor or outdoor and whether the playpen usage is temporary when the pup is young or you want it to serve you for years to come – these are some of the factors that decide the best dog playpen for you. Consider what you want from your dog playpen and you will definitely find the perfect choice for your purpose.


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