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DIY: Make Your Own Essential Oil Nasal Inhaler

I’ve noticed more and more of my friends have been looking into alternative medicine and similar things lately. I have a friend who just started going to an acupuncturist and she loves it.  Massage has really gone mainstream these past 5 years, so it was only logical for people to turn to essential oils as well.  Whether you knew it or not, James (aka hubby) used to teach Aromatherapy classes at a couple colleges when we lived in Georgia as part of his curriculum for Massage Therapy.  The benefits of essential oils are something we’ve known about for a long time and have been using religiously for over 10 years.  Today we are going to share some of our favorite blends using your own DIY Essential Oil Nasal Inhaler.

Nasal Inhaler

There are two very important things to know when making your essential oil nasal inhaler. First, do not skimp on your inhaler blanks and be sure to use Medical Grade plastic with cotton wicks. There are a ton of different brands out there, but I can only vouch for this particular one: Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blank Inhaler Sticks (12 Pack) Made in Usa, Medical Grade Plastic. These particular inhalers seal very tight and last a very long time. We have been using ours for almost two weeks straight and it is as potent as the day we made it.  The second important detail is to be sure you use only Young Living essential oils.  I can personally vouch that YL essential oils are therapeutic grade and offer the Seed to Seal® process.  Be aware that many companies who produce oils use chemicals and other additives that are not recommended for therapeutic use. Let’s just put it this way, not all oils are created equally!

The three blends I’m sharing with you today are my Breathe Blend, M & Mend Blend, and my Relaxation Blend.  All of these blends work great in a nasal inhaler! Putting it together is simple.

  1. Screw the nasal inhaler into the cover.
  2. Take the nasal inhaler and place the wick inside of it.
  3. Mix your blend if you are doing the Breathe Blend in a small container so that you can divide it equally, otherwise you can add the oils directly to the wick. Be sure to drip onto the wick and not the plastic. You can use a Plastic Transfer Pipette to make it easier.
  4. Insert the base plug into the bottom of the nasal inhaler. Tap in tightly (you may want to use a small hammer). Be sure it is in tightly so there is no evaporation.
  5. Sniff!

If you keep your cover on tightly this should last you quite a long time!

Breathe Blend

Breathe Blend (enough for 2 inhalers)

1 drop Young Living Lemon

2 drops Young Living Eucalyptus Radiata

3 drops Young Living Rosemary

2 drops Young Living Peppermint


M & Mend (1 inhaler)

2 drops Young Living M-Grain

1 drop Young Living Peppermint


Relaxation (1 inhaler)

1 drop Young Living Lavender

1 drop Young Living Roman Chamomile

1 drop Young Living Orange

Learn more about Young Living Essential Oils & this months specials!

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  1. Interesting and neat. I’ve been reading so much about these oils. I use different ones during labor and delivery and love it. Thank you for the recipe & the information.

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  7. My husband has been having major issues with breathing lately. He has been using Sudafed (on occasion) to help but this inhaler seems like a better option.

  8. How clever! I love Young Living, especially for the boys. We are seeing such great results!

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  14. I normally buy an organic and natural inhaler at a local health store, but this sounds like another wonderful alternative. I love that it is natural, too.

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