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Grilled Santa Fe Chili Chicken Recipe

Usually when I post a recipe it is something that requires various ingredients and steps to prepare, however this Dinnertisement was created with only two ingredients and two easy steps.  What was the best part of it all?  Prep time was a mere 30 minutes and it was one of the most delicious meals ever!  The Grilled Santa Fe Chili Chicken is a keeper that was packed with a lot of flavor, just the right amount of “hot” (my kids ate it with no problem), and the perfect amount of spice.

The star of “The Samples” show (or Dinnertisement) was Lawry’s new marinade, Santa Fe Chili.  Yes, that is one of the two ingredients (the other in case you haven’t guessed is chicken).  Simply put your chicken in a bowl and add the Lawry’s marinade.  Let it stand (refrigerated) for 30 minutes and grill. It is that simple.

Since we had an entire Dinnertisement Kit to sample that included the Santa Fe Chili as well as the Herb & White Wine marinades and the Fire Roasted Chili Garlic, Roasted Garlic Salt, and Mediterranean Herb with Oregano & Basil spice blends we tried a couple other things.  We found the Lawry’s new Chili Garlic spice blend is a perfect complement the butter for grilled corn on the cob.  The Roasted Garlic Salt makes a good topping for roasted pork and the Mediterranean Herb with Oregano & Basil is perfect to sprinkle on top of pork rinds.

We encourage you to make your own Dinnertisement for a chance to win a Dinnertisement Kit of your own.  You can also follow the Dinnertisement discussion on twitter with the fabulous #LawrysMoms who are sharing their recipes & Giveaways as well!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Lawry’s in connection with The Motherhood.  I was given product and a stipend for my involvement.  I was asked to share my honest opinion with my readers.


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    Thanks for sharing this grilled chicken recipe, I can’t wait to try this on my own to serve it to my family and relatives.

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  10. I chose the mozzarella chicken. Looks delicious and the video is so much fun! http://dinnertising.com/Video/Details/1720?cmpid=2012-dinnertising-share-email

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    That was fun! My family responded to the monster truck theme, so I think that one is a winner. 🙂


  12. That was fun! Awesome LOl 🙂