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Did You Notice My Blog Was Wonky? Yuuko Saved The Day – My Recommended Programmer

Someone was hosting my blog for me out of the goodness of her heart and when my own hosting came off the special pricing we decided to move my blogs over to my host. The problem?  Something went wrong with the install and my blog was really, really messed up for almost 3 weeks while I tried to find someone to fix it.  Although you might think I’m rich – I’m not.  Not even close.  So, what does a blogger do when even the best bloggers and your friends can’t figure out what’s wrong?  You turn to Yuuko!

Trisha (MomDot) and Kim (Accidental Mommies) referred me to Digital Point Forums where you can find chatter on all things foreign to the average blogger.  Terms like SQL, XHTML, .PSD, and other design and development foreign phrases are found.  So I took the little information I had about what might be wrong with my blog and I started searching through all the posts until I found Yuukoweb.  He was a board member who had helped a ton of people and had excellent feedback.  I thought he might be someone I could trust and I reached out to him.  Within 30 minutes he contacted me and within another 15 minutes he was already working on all the things wrong with my blog (no new posts were showing up, there were weird characters in the middle of posts, my sidebar had disappeared, etc.).

Yuuko added me on SKYPE (his name is yuukoweb on SKYPE) and talked with me about what I needed done and within 2 hours he fixed everything.  It was really cool to learn he lived in the Philippines since I’m half Filipino.  His location didn’t interfere at all with our business transaction.  His prices were pretty impressive – so much so I’m thinking of having him do a redesign.

If you need a programmer – he is your man!  I have been asked a million times by fellow bloggers who I would recommend and I recommend Yuukoweb!  Here is more information:

Services Offered:

– Web Creation (WordPress, XHTML/CSS)
– Website Design (Unique .PSD webdesign creation, PSD to XHTML/CSS, PSD to WordPress)
– Website Conversion (From XHTML/CSS to WordPress, etc)
– WordPress Theme Development (Theme creation, theme customizations)
– WordPress Plugin Development (Plugin creation, modification and customization on existing plugins)
– Website Transfer (From one server to another server, from a domain to another domain)
– WordPress Guru (Fixing errors and troubleshoots)

Contact Details:

YM:   yuukoweb008
SKYPE: yuukoweb

His Motto:

“My services are not the cheapest, but definitely affordable a for top-notch quality work.”


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Everyone needs a “go to” person for the computer and this one sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

  2. I’m so glad that you were able to get your blog fixed & Yuuko sounds amazing! I’ve saved his contact details in case I have issues with my own blog!

  3. I’m so glad he was able to help! Some things are just beyond my expertise and as much as i wanted to help, I know my limitations.


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