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Deana Levine Photography Wordless Wednesday with Linky

Every year James has his picture taken for school two times, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.  We have NEVER bought his school picture – ever.  He either sits there looking mad, refuses to do it, or poses in a way that makes it look like he is being tortured.  Recently we had a chance to see how a true professional works when we went to the studio of Deana Levine Photography.

One of my favorite things about her studio were her backgrounds.  The fabrics she had were all so unique and colorful.  I especially love the one she choose for James’ sitting.  She also had an amazing assortment of props – some old, some new, and all were different from what you normally find.  However, the most unique thing about Deana was her ability to connect with James and the way she brought him to life in her photography.

Deana made my son look like a professional model. It took her all of 40 minutes – start to finish to get the most stubborn 7 year old alive to do these poses.  We actually had a bunch of pictures done with him in that time frame – both indoors and outdoors.  Deana Levine Photography is located at 305 East College Ave, Decatur, GA 30030 and if you make an appointment from now until May28th you can save $50 off your sitting fee if you tell her you saw James’ pictures.  You can reach her at 404-748-4353 or email her at studio@deanalevine.com.

Have you ever had pictures done professionally?


  1. He is handsome! But I must say I also love the background. Thanks for hosting.

  2. great pictures! the background is playful without being childish, very fitting for a big boy 🙂 happy hump day

  3. He is too cute! Great shots 🙂

  4. Photography is so much cooler than it used to be. They can really capture personality, as seen above! Wonderful!

  5. Great shots. He’s a cute little dude!

  6. He is a cutie. That background makes the photos pop like crazy!!!

  7. Very handsome!! And love the background!

  8. Love the background, too! Great pictures!

  9. Those are SO great!! What a handsome little man and amazing pictures. I would love to do a professional shoot.

  10. These pictures of him are wonderful! I love having professional photos taken! We are having some done today! 🙂

  11. Beautiful pictures! I still buy the school ones, because it leaves me funny/silly/real memories of my kids, lol.

  12. Great pics! Love the guns!

  13. Those are great pics!

  14. I just love these photos. Especially the one of him flexing his muscle. Too cute.

  15. Marianna says

    Those pictures are great! The background really makes him pop out.

  16. The background is great, I love the show me your muscles shot. I think almost every little boy has at least one of those so cute!

  17. those are great – and he looks like he had fun!

  18. How fun! Those background are really neat!

  19. Those are so stinkin’ adorable. He DOES look like a professional model.
    I think my favorites ar the ones where he has the striped shirt on and his hands in his pocket. He just looks so cool and relaxed.
    Wonderful job – and you are right, the background is beautiful!

    (BTW, love the “or nearly human” next to the box, because you surely know that is how we moms feel lots of times.)

  20. Wow, she did a terrific job! I love the strong man pose, LOL! we used pro studios but they never did anything I considered good enough to buy a package of. but I think the idea of his school taking pics 2 x a year is a great idea, esp in elementary level, they change a lot in a year.

  21. Oh wow! Those are waaaaaaaaaaaay cooler than school pictures! What a handsome little man you have! 🙂

  22. we went to sears every month from when my son was born until he turned 1… my husband was deployed
    since he is home, we went to olan mills once (2nd birthday) and that is it for us…

    those pictures turned out great 🙂

  23. She’s a talented photographer – he looks great in these pictures!

  24. He is the most adorable thing!

  25. he is so cute!

  26. He certainly is one cute little boy!!!

  27. Mary Ambrosino says

    He looks like a child model….Let’s get him an agent!!!!!

  28. Lisa, he’s so handsome!

  29. Those are great pictures! What a little cutie! I bet he had fun too.

  30. Good photographers are worth their weight in gold! Great pictures!

  31. what a cutie he did a great job. what fun cute pics you have now