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Crazy Good Oatmeal Fun featuring The Truck Stop Recipe & More #BRMOatmeal

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bob’s Red Mill and I was compensated for sharing my honest opinion.

Crazy Good Oatmeal Fun featuring The Truck Stop Recipe & More #BRMOatmeal


Growing up having oatmeal for breakfast was always a treat.  I loved how my mom would experiment and add different ingredients to make it different every time.  My favorite when I was young? Oatmeal with juicy raisins, brown sugar, butter and a dash of cream.  Not only did it fill my belly but it kept me warm on those freezing cold mornings waiting for the school bus in Upstate NY when the temperature often fell below zero.  Its special memories like those that makes me enjoy experimenting with delicious alternatives with Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal for my family.

Oats History

Have you ever wondered where oatmeal came from or what about it makes it a recommended healthy meal choice?  The long and short of its origin has it’s ancestry in the wild red oat, a plant from Asia.  Originally oats were used for medicinal purposes (you can still find it used that way today), but it became a staple for many countries overseas and was brought here by Scottish settlers in the 17th century.

Today eating oats is credited with lowering LDL, the “bad” cholesterol and it may even help reduce risks of heart disease.  They are high in protein, healthy fats, beta-glucans and fiber but low in carbohydrates compared to most other whole grains.  There are lots of other great health benefits associated with oatmeal that you can read about on the site at Bob’s Red Mill Oatmeal.

Types of Oatmeal

Did you know there are different types of oatmeal?  Well, it’s true and they are all equally as delicious.  I found it interesting that Scottish Oatmeal is what is referred to as porridge.  I always wondered what that was.  Here is some more information about the different oats:

Organic Extra Thick Rolled OatsStone milled extra thick, these extra chewy oats are uniquely “kiln toasted” and freshly milled from only the best quality organic oats. The result is a robust, European-style hot cereal with a delightful “bite and texture.”

Quick Cooking Steel Cut OatsOne of Bob’s Red Mill’s most popular products, Steel Cut Oats are milled from high protein whole grain oats and cut into tiny neat pieces on a specialized granulator mill. These Quick Cooking Steel Cut Oats are ready in just 5-7 minutes and make for a chewy, high protein (7 grams) and easy hot and healthy breakfast.

Scottish OatmealOatmeal – or porridge, as the Scots call it – actually originated in ancient Scotland centuries ago. Traditional Scottish Oats were produced by slowly grinding the oat kernel between two large millstones into a coarse meal. Today, Bob’s Red Mill’s Scottish Oatmeal is produced in the same old-fashioned way, and the slow, stone-milling process preserves all of the healthy nutrients from the oat in its pure form – the germ, the oil and rich amounts of fiber.

Quick Cooking Rolled OatsThese oats are uniquely kiln toasted and freshly stone milled from high quality oats grown in the Northwest. High in protein (7 grams per serving!) and fiber (4 grams per serving!), a warm bowl of these oats will fuel you with energy to get through a busy day! Because they have been stone milled thinner than most oats, they also are great for cookies and other baked goods.

Oat Bran – A deliciously smooth, high fiber cereal milled from high protein oats grown in the Pacific Northwest – one of the best areas in the country to grow oats! The Oat Bran is stone-milled to contain a high concentration of the natural fiber found in oats.

Let’s Get Crazy!

the truck stop

The calendar below is a great resource of fun ideas from Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, home of the World’s Best Oatmeal and two-time winner at the Golden Spurtle World Porridge Making Championship for serving up oats.  We made The Truck Stop for dinner tonight!

BRM_Oat Calendar_Live[2]


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