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Cottage-Friendly Gifts To Take To The Lake

Headed up to a friend or family member’s cottage this summer? When you’ve been invited to enjoy someone’s little piece of paradise by the lake, you may not be sure what kind of gift to bring up with you to show your appreciation. Wine is always a classic choice, though there are plenty of alternatives that will break the mold. Cottage gifts tend to stay there, so look for gift ideas that will fit well with life by the lake. Here are five cottage-friendly gift ideas to take with you when you’re visiting a friend’s cottage.

#1 Mason Jar Glasses or Stemless Wine Glasses

Cottage owners tend to keep a mish-mash of glasses in their cupboards. Cottages are a popular destination for anything that’s been replaced in the city. Bring a matching set of glasses that are relatively sturdy like mason jar glasses or stemless wine glasses that your hosts won’t have to worry about.

#2 Baked Treats

Do some digging into tasty local bakeries you can find on the road up to the cottage and make a pit stop. Consumables are always a good idea to bring to the cottage as they won’t clutter things up or go unused.

#3 Candles

Candles are another great gift idea – both decorative and consumable. If you’ve spent any time by the lake before, you know that power outages can be common anytime there’s a storm and they last a lot longer than they do in the city. Candles bring light and warmth when the lights are out. Power outages are responsible for some of the best cottage memories, too, reading a book, telling stories, or playing cards and board games by candlelight.

#4 Supplies from the City

If your friends or family have been spending their entire summer holidays up at the cottage, offer to bring up some of their favorites that they can’t get locally. Make a pit stop at their favorite craft beer brewery, cheese shop, or coffee roaster before you start the drive out of town and your gift will be much appreciated.

#5 Beeswax Reusable Food Wrap

Bring the original beeswax food wrap from Abeego, a cloth wrap that’s been coated in beeswax and given extra properties with jojoba oil and tree resin. These beeswax reusable food wraps can be used for anything from veggies to cheese to wild greens. One of the benefits of using reusable food wrap is that you will never run out when you’re at the cottage. Simply wash beeswax reusable food wraps in cold water and you can use them for up to a year or longer. You can use them to pack for a picnic, wrap up wild greens or the fresh raspberries you’ve picked in a basket, or to keep fruit and vegetables fresh in or out of the refrigerator.There’s no need to stress about cottage gifts. It’s a place to relax and unwind. With these affordable gift ideas, you won’t have to worry about coming empty handed


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    The beeswax food wraps sound awesome. All of the suggestions are good but I want my next visitors to bring the food wrap.

  2. Thank you for including us! Abeego makes for great gifts at the cottage. And when they are at the end of their natural life, they can be cut up into strips to use as twist ties or crumpled up as a firestarter for your campfire or wood stove!