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Cool as a Cucumber: A Refrigerator and Freezer Shopper’s Mini-Guide for First Timers

Man Looking Inside Fridge Full Of Unhealthy Food

When you are setting up home and trying to choose all of the appliances that you are going to buy, it can be more than a bit confusing and certainly daunting, trying to decide which item might be the best one for your needs.


Selecting a small upright freezer for your first home for example, might seem relatively straightforward, but there are plenty of considerations beyond the price that you need to take into account before parting with your cash and placing your order.


Cool options


Choosing a fridge and a freezer seems a fairly simple task on the face of it, as you want a fridge that will keep your grocery items nicely chilled and a freezer that stores your food safely until you are ready to use it.


The reality is a bit different to that, especially if you want to go beyond the price tag, which is a good idea if you want to buy something that is going to fulfil your needs and give you true value for money.


Starting with choosing a refrigerator, it shouldn’t take too long when you begin your search, to realise that your options are not simply limited to having a iced-water dispenser that is integrated into the door.


The right configuration


If space is at a premium or you are simply looking for convenience in your kitchen and be able to have access to frozen and chilled produce, you can find a configuration that should be perfect for your specific requirements.


French-door models are trending right now, and many consumers seem to prefer having the freezer at the bottom, but the practicality of when you start to use your appliances on a daily basis, might show that a top freezer configuration or a side-by-side model might prove to be more efficient, especially in a smaller kitchen.


A  traditional fridge configuration will tick a lot of boxes if you are looking for good storage options and don’t have a lot of space to play with.


Here is a look at some of the other configurations that you might want to consider in your search for the right product and combination.


French door


This layout is proving popular with consumers at the moment and you can understand why they are trending when you look at the level of versatility that they offer.


A french door fridge is distinctive and has two narrow doors at the top of the unit and the freezer section below. The draw configuration can vary between models and the small swing doors do have space saving and convenience benefits.


There are also a growing number of french door models which are also offering the popular option of having an in-door water dispenser, so you can appreciate why these models are proving popular.


Decide how much freezer space you need


A bottom freezer model will normally offer you less freezer capacity than a more traditional top freezer version, so you need to decide how much freezer space you really need.


You will find models that offer a capacity that is close to thirty cubic feet, but generally you will find that the usable space on offer is going to be less than a top freezer model. If you plan to go to the fridge compartment much more often than the freezer and don’t mind squatting down a bit to to get to your frozen items, then a bottom freezer model might be what you need.


Compromising on energy efficiency


If you like the idea of having your fridge and freezer compartments as easily accessible as each other, the a side-by-side model might suit.


With the fridge on one side and the freezer on the other, and a drinks dispenser as well as temperature-controlled bins as standard features on many models, a side-by-side model definitely has some positive attributes, but there are some negative points to consider.


Although the narrow doors are a help when space is at a premium in your kitchen, you might struggle to get some larger items in comfortably, like a pizza box.


You should also be aware that a side-by-side model is often not going to come out well in energy-saving comparisons with other styles.


Always look for the EPA Energy Star rating, as it can have a big impact on the annual running costs for your refrigerator, and make a note of the main features that you really want that will make your life as easier and more organized.


Get your homework right and you will hopefully be rewarded with a fridge and freezer that meets all of your needs.


Harvey Whitehouse is a stay-at-home Dad who enjoys writing articles when the kids are in school. It’s a way for him to get his brain out of Daddy/Househusband mode for an hour or two!