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Combining Fitness and Gaming with Goji Play 2.0

Goji Play on Treadmill

I live in a household with a bunch of gamers and fitness fans. However, our family tends to lean a bit more to the gaming side of things and unfortunately that means the fitness part sometimes gets left by the wayside. I’m sure you have at least one of these people in your family too. How doesn’t love playing a video game? It’s fun and you can just get lost in it all. Have you ever thought of a video game powered by your fitness routine? Want to get the gang off the couch? Well, I have the answer for you.

Goji Play on Batons

Introducing Goji Play 2.0!

New and just in time for the holidays, the Goji Play 2.0 combines gaming with your workout. It’s simple to set up and is compatible with iOS as well as Google Play. My kids play it on their Android phones, the iPad, and their tablets.  The controllers are relatively small, so they are easily transported whether you are traveling or going to the gym they will easily fit in a gym bag. Download the app, pick the 2.0 version, follow the instructions by turning on each of the controllers, pick how you plan on using them (you can use them directly on the machine or use the batons they come with), and you are all set. Goji Play Set up

There are several different games to choose from so everyone in the family will be happy. I LOVE SmashBlocks and the first time I played it I got lost in the game and spent 30 minutes on the treadmill before I ever realized I was walking so fast. My youngest has been out in the garage everyday playing and the other night I had to go check to make sure he was still alive (Goji Play is not recommended for children under 6). Once you download the corresponding game all you have to do is give your camera access (on the Goji app), open with Goji Play 2 and you’re all set!

Installing Game for Goji Play

I think it’s important to point out that Goji Play works for a variety of fitness levels and you don’t have to have mad gaming skills (fortunately for me). There are lots of workout levels for games so  this is a great option for those competitive families of all ages.

Goji Play 2 Right Controller on Baton

Turn your cardio machine into fun game-playing equipment with Goji Play!

#GetUpAndGojiPlay with Goji Play 2.0

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Goji Play in Action


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    That is a great idea for when I do my workout.

  2. That is such a great idea. I always had grand plans of using the treadmill while watching TV but it didn’t last in the living room for long.

  3. Walking on the treadmill can get so boring. I don’t have gaming skills, either, but I think this would be fun and make the time pass more quickly.

  4. You’re making me wish I had never sold my treadmill. I would have used it more often if I had something like this to keep me entertained. After a mile I would get too bored just staring out the window.

  5. I love everything about the Goji Play 2.0! My husband complains about working out because it is so boring. Maybe this will quiet his gripping a bit 😉

  6. This would be a wonderful addition to any treadmill. I’m always looking for fun, easy ways to make the time pass quickly when I’m working out! I love that this is being offered at a great deal, too!

  7. This is awesome! This would make my workout routine so much more tolerable. Even just watching TV while I am on the treadmill doesn’t distract me enough, but an interactive game sure would.

  8. Totally looking into this more closely. We just put our elliptical back into our garage and now that it’s here we actually need to get out there and use it! The problem is I get bored so easily so this would be perfect!

  9. This looks like fun! Walking on the treadmill gets very boring. But I think this would help me keep going!

  10. This is a great way to make exercise sessions really fun and exciting. I will buy one to motivate me.

  11. I love this! Walking on the threadmill gets so tedious at times! An interactive game would be the perfect time passe!

  12. I just told my husband about this and told him I want it. He laughed at me, reminded me that I am clumsy, and said I would probably fall down. Still, this would be a great way to pass the time while working out. Also, a great way to kind of tune out and take a break from thinking! I like it.

  13. Fun and awesome indeed. Makes exercising more fun than before.

  14. I really need to check this out! I just got a new treadmill and I could totally use the bump!

  15. This sounds like a fun way to workout. I wish we had something like this, I think my older son would work out if he had this.

  16. This is such a great idea! I will spice up my treadmill workout

  17. I love this idea! My workouts would never get boring!

  18. Oh wow how awesome is this, I think my sister in law would welcome this as my brother loves his game and hates exercise though he’s started running again.

  19. Rebecca Swenor says

    The Goji play sounds like a great gift idea for anyone who wants to get fit. I love how it can make you stay on the treadmill, bike, etc because of wanting to finish the games. lol Thanks for great review.