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A Colonial Revamp: How to Create a Farmhouse Kitchen

A Colonial Revamp: How to Create a Farmhouse Kitchen

 farmhouse kitchen

A farmhouse kitchen is a classic feature of a traditional American home. They’re warm and homey with a huge amount of colonial charm. With vintage becoming an increasingly popular trend, country kitchens are making a comeback. They’re functional, welcoming and offer the perfect family space.

Here are the essential elements you’ll need to create your own farmhouse style kitchen.

Buy a Range

An old-fashioned range is iconic and the central point of a farmhouse kitchen. There are a variety of styles and sizes to suit any kitchen. For a modern twist, why not be adventurous and choose a bright color?

The Kitchen Sink

What’s a farmhouse style kitchen without a heavy-duty sink? Along with a range, this is another classic element. You can buy a new sink or salvage an old one. If you choose a vintage sink, don’t worry about any flaws as they’ll only add to the rustic charm.

Invest in a Door

Windows and doors are a staple in farmhouse decor. Install a barn-style door for a classic colonial look, or go for a cleaner modern feel with French doors. Check out Dunster House for a variety of styles.

Shelves and Cupboards

In the past, cabinets with doors were a luxury and kitchen items were typically stored on shelves. Place your plates and bowls on shelves, or in glass fronted free-standing cabinets. This type of storage adds rustic charm and fills your kitchen with personality.

A Family Table

A kitchen has to be a functioning family space. A large wooden table in the centre of your kitchen is an essential farmhouse element. Not only will it seat the whole family, but it can also double-up as a food-preparation surface.

It’s All in the Accessories

You can create a farmhouse feel with the smallest of touches. Mason jars are the perfect addition. Store ingredients for baking, biscuits, or old fashioned candy for colonial chic. You can also display aprons, patterned tea towels, or breakfast tray.

Handmade Lighting

Think glass jars are just for storage? Think again! You can create your own unique lighting with unused and unloved kitchenware. Try using mason jars, vintage tea cups, old bowls, or milk bottles.

Wooden Floors

A wooden floor is practical but it adds old world charm. Tip: try layering up with a large rug. Not only will this stop your table and chairs from scratching your floor, but it’ll make the room warm and inviting.

It’s easy to create your own farmhouse kitchen. Invest in key staple pieces, like a range, sink and barn door and use accessories to add the finishing touches. But don’t be scared to add a modern twist. The result will be a warm, welcoming family space.