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A Clean Rug is a Happy Rug!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Green Choice Carpet.

A Clean Rug is a Happy Rug!

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There is nothing worse than a dirty rug. Am I right or am I right? You know, every time munchies lie uneaten on a dirty floor an angel weeps in heaven.

Is the color of your rug beginning to match the drapes? Are you starting to accumulate stains? While you may want your carpet to resemble Real Tree® your significant other may not. I know… women are just weird like that but trust me, pick your battles wisely…. Chicks like clean carpet and so should we!

Having carpet stained to the point that it looks like camo may sound good but there are drawbacks. The deeper you pattern develops the harder it is to find fallen food stuffs. Harder to find food stuffs means potentially extending your five second rule and that just isn’t right. It is called the five second rule for a reason, so don’t tempt fate.

Well what do you do with your dirty, dirty rug then? Do you get all Dexter and drop your rug off in the ocean? Probably not the best idea… Especially if you don’t have an awesome boat or work for Miami Metro…

So why not call a professional rug cleaning company?  I like to think of them as my personal crime scene cleanup crew. They are experts in all things rug… Trust me, if you have been over to our house to watch Football or UFC you know how crazy it can get. So far professional rug cleaning companies have been able to clean everything we have thrown at them. If they can clean our beer soaked, blood spattered, spotted, food riddled carpet they can surely make a difference in your house. These services are usually super-fast and will not disappoint. I take the cleanliness of my carpets very seriously and so do they. Don’t lose munchies to the carpet monster again, give these boys a call and they will have a crew out in no time!


  1. “Personal crime scene pick-up crew,” I love the way you put that. Rugs and mats do their jobs. While doing their jobs they take a beating. These are usually high traffic areas that accumulate a lot of the dirt in your home. I think it’s becoming more common for men that maintain a clean home to be aware that carpets, rugs, and furniture need to be professionally cleaned.