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How to Choose the Fencing that Best Suits Your Garden

How to Choose the Fencing that Best Suits Your Garden

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If you’re considering purchasing new fencing for your garden, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate the myriad of different panel options available. Fencing is great for promoting the growth of climbing plants like ivy, roses, clematis and jasmine, and adds an added sense of security and privacy to your green space.

Overlap Fence Panels

Overlap panels are also known as ‘Waney Edge Fence Panels’ and are a great choice for those on a tight budget. They are made from renewable timber and can be stained to a shade of your choice. Overlap panels are a popular choice because they usually last up to fifteen years and are very low maintenance.

Trellis Panels

If you’re interested in growing climbers and making the most of the vertical space in your garden, then trellis panels are for you. They are available in a variety of timbers, sizes and styles and are made from an open framework of intersecting pieces of wood. You can also find trellis panels made from bamboo or metal, and the gaps in the panelling provide plenty of space for climbing plants to flourish. Once your foliage has really begun to grow around the panels, you’ll be afforded as much privacy as with solid fencing, but this does take time.

Picket Fencing

Picket fencing is usually found in front gardens, to define boundaries and keep pets safe rather than to prevent neighbours from looking in. It’s significantly lower in height, meaning that it’s not always suitable for back gardens. Picket fencing is characterized by evenly spaced vertical slats attached by rails, and can be purchased in wood or PVC plastic.

Closeboard Fencing

These panels are a top choice for those who are interested in really securing their property. They are known for their durability and affordable price, and are made using feather-edge boards, aligned vertically and fixed on supporting wooden rails. If the ground in your garden is uneven or sloping, closeboard fencing is an ideal choice as it can be erected to follow the ground contour.

Whether you’re interested in a bespoke solution that combines elements from several types of fencing or taking a more DIY approach to erecting your fencing, it’s a good idea to contact a specialist retailer like Milford Fencing and Paving. Talk through your options, describe the garden you have, and you’ll be more likely to find panels that meet your individual needs.