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Grocery Shopping Checklist for Thanksgiving

checklist for thanksgiving

Every year preparing for Thanksgiving I always say it would make so much more sense if I had a standard checklist when I went grocery shopping. I make relatively the same thing every year so it would only stand to reason that having a list would save me time from having to go back and forth to the store because I forgot the whipping cream or the poultry seasoning, or worse yet the wine! This year I’m making the standard checklist for Thanksgiving and if you have anything you think I forgot, please tell me now!

You can find the corresponding recipes on the blog for specific measurements and there is a downloadable Checklist for Thanksgiving (open in a separate page and then click again to download or click the photo below) as well!

Pepperoni Stuffing Recipe (S)

Easy Apple Cheddar Melts (A)

Chipotle Deviled Eggs Recipe (D)

Pink Stuff (P)

Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Balsamic Glaze & Goat Cheese (B)

Vegetable Spinach Dip Recipe (SD)

Green Bean Casserole (G)

  • Turkey
  • Turkey Giblets, Liver, Heart, Gizzard (S)
  • Chunk Pepperoni (S)
  • Potatoes (M)
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Cranberries
  • Lemon (for water)
  • Sage (S)
  • Thyme (S)
  • Garlic (S)
  • Celery Ribs (S)
  • Onion (S)
  • Brussel Sprouts (B)
  • Granny Smith Apples (A)
  • Green Onion (SD)
  • Green Beans (G)
  • Canned Mandarin Oranges (P)
  • Canned chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (D)
  • Canned Crushed Pineapple (P)
  • Water Chestnuts (SD)
  • Canned Yams
  • Cream of Mushroom Soup (G)
  • Relish (D)
  • Mustard (D)
  • Balsamic Glaze (B)
  • Mayonnaise (SD)
  • Butter (M)
  • Goat cheese (B)
  • Cream cheese (P) (M)
  • Eggs (D)
  • Sharp Cheddar (A)
  • Sour Cream (SD)
  • Milk (G)
  • Coffee Creamer
  • Heavy whipping cream
  • Half-and-half
  • Small curd cottage cheese (P)
  • Cool-Whip (P)
  • Frozen Spinach (SD)
  • Pie crust
  • All-purpose flour
  • Black pepper (S) (G) (M)
  • Kosher salt (S) (G) (M)
  • Vanilla extract
  • White vinegar
  • Wondra for Gravy
  • Cinnamon (A)
  • Sugar (A)
  • Brown sugar
  • Olive Oil (S)
  • Pumpkin Puree
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice
  • Round loaf pumpernickel (SD)
  • Stale Italian Bread (2 Loafs) (S)
  • Dinner Rolls
  • Chicken/Turkey broth (S)
  • Vegetable Soup Mix (SD)
  • Fried Onions (G)
  • Soy Sauce (G)
  • Crackers (A)
  • Strawberry Jell-O (P)
  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Apple Cider

For more holiday preparation ideas, visit a few of my favorite bloggers:



  1. I create my entire list too and even then I feel like I always forget something and have to call mom to bring it LOL

  2. You are much more organized than I am. I am not even sure what we’re having yet.

  3. Mary Ambrosino says

    This is a great list to print out and keep in my car. Maybe one in the car or shopping and one in the house for making my list.