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Champions for Kids #SnacksforStudents Gives to Local Youth

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Champions for Kids #SnacksforStudents Gives to Local Youth

Whenever I get the opportunity to work with a program that gives back to my local community I jump at the chance. I do as much volunteer work with our local parish and youth group as I can, but for whatever reason it never feels like enough.  When I heard that Champions for Kids was launching the Students Program in Walmart for school districts and youth-based organizations to win a portion of $45,000 I was excited to recommend St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School and STA Youth Group to benefit from local donations.  With great corporate sponsors like General Mills, Kellogg’s, Emerald and Kettle Chips these basic resources, snacks, would be available through in-store donations as part of SIMPLE Giving.  SIMPLE Giving is a program that seeks to make it simple for shoppers to purchase and donate items children need.

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Nationwide there are more than 3,600 participating Walmart stores with these purple donation bins.  You may have seen them the last time you were there and if we are lucky you may have even donated. The campaign launched February 16th with the goal of providing resources for more than 10 million children in 2015.  Since 2004, they have served more than 5.4 million children in the US through their in-store donation, service projects and community events.

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For my local store, the Community Champion, St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School and STA Youth Group will be the youth benefiting from the donations. The STA Youth Group will use the snacks that were donated to eat while they are on retreats, doing fund raising, and/or volunteering in the community.  They are currently working on raising money to fund their mission trip to Alive in You this summer in Tennessee.  The students at the school are using their donations for snacks during the standardized testing taking place this week.  In conjunction with my working with The Motherhood we were able to donate over $100 worth of snacks and drinks to the kids and our local Walmart bins probably had an addition $500 – $700 more in the bins when they went to pick up the donations yesterday.

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Purchase your donation TODAY and simply drop it in the bin at Walmart! Thank you!
Find out more about Champions For Kids
Hashtag: #SnacksForStudents
Twitter: @champions4kids
Facebook: http://facebook.com/championsforkids

Disclosure- I was compensated for this campaign through The Motherhood. I had freedom to choose my own organization to support and my opinions are my own.  On behalf of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic School and STA Youth Group – THANK YOU!


  1. @adorablesweetp says

    This is such a great cause. Love it!

  2. Andrea Johnson says

    That is so nice that you donated to this foundation… Not many people like to donate to charities because of fakes. But this is lovely. Such a great citizen of the US to have here. I wish there were more people like yourself.

  3. This is such a wonderful program that could help schools and other community. MY kids goes to Catholic/private school with a very small population so we do a lot of volunteering and fund raising to help the school. I have to check if this is being offered here in our area. My kids school could benefit to this.

  4. The “Simple Giving” program sounds absolutely amazing. As a teacher, I know how so many great programs make such a difference in children’s lives, and I am so thrilled to see I am not the only one who tries to support these wonderful events and organizations.

  5. There’s a program like that in a few schools in my county. My son’s school is one of the schools. It’s a weekend program, where they are given something to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner & a snack. Which I end up using for their snacks during the next school week’s snack or for their younger siblings. These are really great programs.

  6. This sounds like an amazing organization to donate too! I love finding new organizations that help the community like this one. I love that your classroom got involved with the donation as well what a great life lesson.

  7. Stephanie C. says

    I love Champions for Kids – they do such great things and inspire such amazing service learning and projects for kids and families! I love that your class got involved. Such an important lesson!

  8. I love foundations that give back. I think it’s so important to do whatever we can no matter how big or small. I love that your school is getting involved in this!

  9. What a great opportunity to donate to kids in need. I have not seen any of those purple bins at Walmart, and I visit there often. It’s also good to see when major companies are reaching out to help youths in the community. Makes me want to purchase their products and support their company even more.

  10. This is really wonderful. Such an amazing thing to do. I am always keeping my eye open at Walmart for the bins but I haven’t seen them here yet. Is this just the USA? I think there needs to be more types of things like this. Especially for helping kids. I would donate!

  11. The Champions for Kids looks like a great organization and the snack drive seemed to be a huge success! Way to go on giving back to those who are in need and teaching community service at a young age!

  12. What a wonderful campaign you participated in! It is awesome you got to choose this campaign! Its cute how you got your classroom involved!