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Celebrate the Holiday with Ritz

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by RITZ.

Celebrate the Holidays with Ritz (6 of 7)

When I think of holidays, there are certain things that always come to mind. Growing up, our holiday menus were pretty similar from year to year. When something tastes good and everyone loves it, there is no need to change, right? Occasionally we try to add a new dish or two, and every year we have new appetizers to hold us over until meal time. This year, we decided to try a new twist on one of our old favorites: cantaloupe and prosciutto.

Celebrate the Holidays with Ritz (4 of 7)

This year’s new appetizer we are featuring on the menu is Cantaloupe, Prosciutto, and Blue Cheese on Ritz. Whether you’re featuring it at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve, this appetizer is colorful and delicious and pairs perfectly with a glass of bubbly.

Cantaloupe, Prosciutto, and Blue Cheese on Ritz

Celebrate the Holidays with Ritz (7 of 7)


  • Cantaloupe
  • Prosciutto
  • Blue cheese
  • Ritz


On a Ritz Cracker, place a small square of blue cheese. Make small cantaloupe balls with melon ball scoop, and place on top of the cheese. Roll a thin slice of prosciutto and cut in the middle, and place on top of melon ball. Use a decorative toothpick to hold it all in place. Serve immediately.

You can make the melon balls the day before and store them in the refrigerator to save some time. When you are ready to serve, it makes it much quicker for assembly.

Celebrate the Holidays with Ritz (5 of 7)

This holiday season, when you are making your list and checking it twice, be sure to remember the Ritz Crackers. Not only are they the perfect presentation for your festive holiday gatherings, but they are also great in recipes! We crush Ritz on top of our favorite casseroles with a drizzle of butter, and it turns any boring casserole into a WOW dish.


RITZ; Life’s Rich.


  1. Everything tastes better when it sits on a Ritz! They’re my all-time favorite cracker! Those appetizers look delish!

  2. Mary Ambrosino says

    I always have Ritz on hand. They make several different flavors now and I have tried a few. Definitely my go to cracker.

  3. I love these appetizers. You make these Ritz crackers look so sophisticated and elegant! These would make festive and delicious snacks for any holiday party!

  4. I love, love Ritz crackers. Your hor d’oeuvres look so fancy. Great job. I need to try this for my holiday party.

  5. I’ve always been a big fan of Ritz crackers, and this looks good. Mmm, Prosciutto is so tasty!

  6. Wow! What a way to dress up a Ritz cracker. We love them and buy BIG boxes of Ritz at BJ’s. We are constantly using Ritz for snacking and sometimes we just have Ritz crackers, cheese and sausage for dinner!

  7. Those Cantaloupe, Prosciutto, and Blue Cheese on Ritz look so super! Ritz crackers are my favorite. I always use them with my appetizers during the holidays <3

  8. I have never been the biggest ritz crackers fan, but my kids LOVE them. They like them plain, but they love to dip them in ranch or french onion dip.

  9. NYC SingleMom says

    I am such a fan of Ritz Crackers. And definitely think my guests next week will love these appetizers.

  10. I swear you could put dirt on a Ritz and it would taste good. I love those crackers. That being said, your idea looks deeeeelicious!

  11. These look really good. I love Ritz. Just saw that they have bacon flavor. Will have to get them for my sister.

  12. Cantaloupe and Prosciutto is a classic that can never be wrong. Sit it on a Ritz, and it’s even beter!

  13. I love Ritz always have but never had them as appetisers in this way, looks so delicious.

  14. We always have Ritz crackers on hand, they are so buttery and good. Throw in some blue cheese and I am a huge fan.

  15. Looks awesome and delicious. I’ve always wanted to try this. Now, is the time! Thanks for sharing.

  16. I love the flavor of Ritz but I have to eat them crushed on top of something or with something very creamy. The thought of eating them makes my teeth hurt and gives me chills! I’m a weirdo!

  17. I’ve never thought to add melon or fruit to a savory meat and cheese cracker. It looks like a very interesting appetizer!

  18. I’ve been seeing so many interesting recipes with Ritz crackers lately! I haven’t bought them in ages but I think I might try a few new recipes!

  19. What an interesting flavor combination! Make for an easy appetizer!

  20. Looks really yummy. So loving RITZ!

  21. Those look easy to make and delicious. My two favorite things. Thank you for sharing.