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How to Prepare for a Financial Setback

Photo Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/shopping-spending-till-slip-879498/ Raising a family is never easy, even when times are good.  As a parent, you always worry about the wellbeing of your kids and then there are the never-ending concerns about money.  This can come to a boiling point when you or your partner faces a financial setback. Unfortunately, it’s not like […]

Tips For Making Huge Family Financial Decisions

There is a good chance that your family is going to be forced to make some big decision at some point or another. Just remember that you do not need to make these decisions on your own. After all, they’re too big and tough to figure out on your own. You shouldn’t be forced to […]

Can I Get Paid From My Personal Injury Claim?

Image Pixabay When you’re laid out and recovering from some sort of accident or injury, you have a lot of time to think. Depending on your mood, you may be thinking about what exactly landed you in this situation in the first place. In some cases, you only have yourself to blame, like tripping over something you […]

Game Time with Coca Cola and Ritz Crackers #TogetherForGameTime

Disclosure: This shopper has been compensated by SheSpeaks, Inc., The Coca-Cola Company and Mondelez International group. All opinions are mine alone. Game time means different things to different people. For most, it’s all about kicking back and watching football. For me, it’s a little more complicated. I’ve got to make sure I have enough food and […]

Smart Financial Decisions After You’ve Bought a Home

Congratulations and welcome to the American dream—you’re a homeowner! It’s a privileged position. However, along with privilege comes responsibility and owning a home is a pretty significant one. Unlike apartment life, everything that happens now is on you. Making smart financial decisions after you’ve bought a home will help you be ready to deal with […]

Why Consolidate Unmanageable Student Debt?

Nowadays, more and more Americans are burdened by student loan debt. The most recent reports indicate there’s a $1.45 trillion in total US student loan debt, 44.2 million Americans with student loan debt, student loan delinquency rate of 11.2% and average monthly student loan payment (for borrower aged 20 to 30 years): $351. Taking up […]

Simple Tips On How To Pay Off Your Debt

Being in debt can be incredibly stressful. For many Americans, debt is a huge burden that limits them from reaching their financial goals but is often seen as a necessity. However, the constant reminder of how much you owe is something you don’t want to deal with for the rest of your life. A majority […]

Super Simple Ways to Start Saving On Monthly Expenses

  There is no shortage of theories online for how to cut down on the monthly costs of living. The catch, typically, is some kind of hassle or big upfront investment. Fair enough – that’s the way things are! However, to think every method for reducing month by month expenses is a pain in some […]