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Can You Really Trust ALL Your Service Providers?

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Millions of people stay with the same service providers for years. This is rarely due to loyalty, but more to do with inertia and feeling safe with the known.

They may have the same bank account that they opened when they got their first job. They may shop at the same stores that they found when they moved into their new neighborhood. They may stick with the same car insurance company that they discovered after they bought their first car. And they may stick with the same ISP that they used when they got their first computer.

The only reason they might think of changing would be if there was a problem with the service. Perhaps, it’s an unfair rate increase or frequent service interruptions.

How Well Does Your Service Provider Measure Up?

But times change — technology races ahead, new companies emerge, and prices fall. The service provider you may be using could be using legacy technology and you might just be paying for their higher overheads. In fact, they could be much more expensive than competitors providing superior service.

Think of the Savings

One huge advantage of switching service providers is how much money you can save. When, for example, was the last time you thought about your alarm service provider? You might be surprised at how much money you’re throwing away each month by not reviewing alarm monitoring prices.

Here’s the thing: the internet makes it easy to research price differences. You don’t need to drive around town or spend hours on the phone. All you need is some nifty armchair research.

If your frugal habits aren’t working for you, if you have more month than money, it might be time to see how you can slash your household bills. You may be spending too much for services that you could get for a lower price.

Once you begin switching, you might be shocked at your instant savings. In fact, you may marvel why you didn’t deploy this simple idea before.

It’s Paid Work

Think of this project as working for pay. You are increasing your monthly pay by decreasing your expenses. You might also be increasing the quality of your lifestyle while paying less.

Imagine what you can do with all that extra money you save. You might even think about investing it. Start putting your money to work for you.