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How to Build Muscle Faster, Easier, and Healthier

If they are truthful, most men don’t go to the gym to lose a pound here and there but to bulk up on the muscle so that they have that iconic muscle-man figure. Even women have a tendency to strive for more muscle mass. In one survey on weight lifting and bulking, 20 percent of college aged American women met strength training recommendations for bulking, while men were at 37 percent. The point is that there are many of us, regardless of gender, that are striving to build muscle but are failing to meet the recommendations needed to gain the muscle. This leads to frustrations, abandonment from working out, or quick fix solutions that are potentially dangerous, even fatal. If you wish to build muscle faster, easier, and healthier, then check out our list of a few ways you can do just that.

Intensity Training does not mean heavy weight training

The first thing that a person should understand is that muscle mass will not build up overnight. Yes, you can add muscle mass quicker if you tear and heal the muscles on a regular basis. However, the key is that you need to let the muscle tissue heal. There’s a myth that if you lift more weight or if you lift more frequently you will bulk up faster. This is simply not true! When you work out to bulk, you push your body to the point where the fibers in the muscles rip, which is what causes that “burn”. The tissue scars heal, adding that bulk to the muscle. But too much ripping caused by too heavy of weights can lead to serious injuries. Increased frequency does not give the body enough time to heal.

In order to build muscle mass quickly, do a high-intensity workout in under an hour, says Bodybuilder Magazine. By high intensity, it means that you do “burnout” sessions with a weight that you can manage and keep the rest periods down. It’s not intended that you try to max out every time or that you perform this every day. Personally, I use the three-on two-off method. Talk to your trainer to see what is best for you.

Keep out the garbage

You may have heard that eating protein helps to build muscle. This is of course true. However, if you wish to build your muscle in a healthier way, you need to know the amount of protein to consume. According to experts, a person should consume 1.2 grams to 1.6 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. So, a person who weighs 150 pounds should have 109 grams of protein per day. Protein should be consumed after your workout, not prior as you would be burning off what you just consumed.

In addition to the protein, keep out the foods which are known to store fat. Sodas and corn syrup products are the most common contributors. While you may build up your muscle mass from weights and from supplements, if your body’s fat is not reduced, you will not ever see the results. Just changing your eating style will not build muscle. You must add protein, perform high-intensity workouts, and reduce fat accumulation foods.


Add supplements

It’s a proven fact that testosterone helps to build muscle. The fear that many people have is that there have been so many supplements which claim to boost testosterone safely and fail to do so. If you want to build muscle mass easily, safely, and quickly, you should look for supplements which are 100% natural. Where the industry has failed is that they have umbrellaed supplements which boost testosterone under one heading. This is a misconception and a form of mythologizing testosterone boosters as being harmful and dangerous.

Your body naturally produces a level of testosterone. Even women have small levels. Foods, minerals, and vitamins can be added to boost these levels safely. When these levels increase and are coupled with eating healthy, exercise, and the intense workouts, you can quickly and safely gain muscle. When choosing a testosterone building look for a company which has done extensive testing on their products. Ensure that the testosterone booster is 100% natural, check to see if there are medical reviews of the product or if the product has been tested with more than just photoshopped before and after pictures.


The bottom line

The bottom line for boosting muscle mass quickly, easily, and safely is to increase the production of testosterone and proteins in the body while at the same time tearing and healing muscle tissue through intense workouts. Of course, before you switch up your routine you should talk to your personal trainer or doctor with any concerns that you may have about your weight training, dietary needs, or body’s possible reaction to testosterone enhancement. So long as you are safe and consistent (that is really the key isn’t it, to be consistent in whatever you do!), you will see results in no time.