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Budgeting for Travel? Here are Some Useful Tips

Planning for a travel is not just about itineraries and to-do lists. Equally important is budgeting. This is where you put a price tag on all the expenses you are going to incur over the course of your travel, including things you need to prepay, like plane tickets or room accommodation.

The places you visit, the essentials you should bring, even travel insurance—these are just some of the relevant details that will make up your budget statement. Plus a certain contingency in case things don’t go as planned, like delayed flights, flat tires or increased prices.

Budgeting is simple and straightforward but it might be complicated for some for the first time. To help you out, here are useful tips to iron out that travel finance.

First Things First: P-L-A-N

The goal of budgeting is to give you the best estimate of total expenses you will pay and the additional money you need.  You can start your travel finance by listing down all the details, including the littlest like parking fees or toiletries, en route to your destination and back.

Once you compute the estimated cash outflows, reconsider how much you really want to spend with your current purchasing power. By then, you can either add more activities or sacrifice certain trips to meet your budget and still leaves an allowance if emergencies may happen.

Choose Your Transportation

A big chunk in that expense chart will come from transportation. So, use your budget wisely. Think of every possible option, even a public transportation, but always consider how it will affect your budget, and the time and the routes to your destinations. For international travels, flying in the sky or a sea adventure is inevitable.

Road trips provide more options. Just gas up your car and the travel freedom is infinite. Or sleep anywhere and save on accommodation by RVing, either by buying or renting one. Stroll from one state to another and the unlimited freedom will be added by utmost convenience with the sufficient space and strong engine an RV offers.

Control Your Spending

There is no other way to make it simpler than that. Truly, experiencing more is one of the temptations of travel. But just like in life, there is a limit to what we can do for a moment. In traveling, your limit is your budget. And all throughout the trip, follow your itinerary.

If possible, do not resort to using credit cards or borrowing money just because you can pay it on a future date from money that isn’t there yet. Honestly, the stress and headache of facing a financial issue after a remarkable journey aren’t worth it.

So, how do you counter this problem? For one, you start saving now. Travelling is one of your life’s many goals. And you’ll only achieve it if you are invested in it financially. Another way is to go for cheaper options.

Skip the luxury hotels and settle for motels instead or go camping with the stellar sky in the backdrop. Third, promote brands. Travelling is one of the most effective advertising media in the market. And brands would be willing to slash discounts or offer freebies for a likable social media post or raved reviews.

Find the Best Deals

Search the web and discover amazing deals to lower your expenses. From food to rooms, campervans and even supplies, promos abound. If you’re diligent in scouring the Internet, you’ll get yourself some cheap treats.

You can like and follow particular brands or subscribe to email newsletters so you’ll get notified every time a markdown is coming. You can start buying goods or services during the off-season when things are way cheaper.

It doesn’t take a genius to craft a well-thought budget for your travel. You don’t even need advanced templates or colorful charts so you can achieve its purpose. The key elements can be summed up into itinerary, money and research. Have the courage to take that pen and start scribbling your way to your expense spreadsheet. Once you complete your first, the next travel budgets will be a walk in the park.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    Great tips for future travel. Time to get started.