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Is It Breast Cancer? My Story….Finding a Mass #BreastCancerAwareness

This is not a sponsored post.

Last month one night right after falling asleep I woke up thinking I needed to do a self exam of my breast. I palpated my right breast I felt this hard mass on the bottom of my boob. I felt it for about 10 – 15 minutes while I was trying to decide if I were mistaken or if it was normal. The following morning I had the nurses at work palpate and they also felt something so I called my OB-GYN and made an appointment. When I told them I felt a mass in my breast they had me come in the following morning. (read more about how I found it at hubby’s post here: Got Lumps? Doctor Knows Breast.)


The next day I went in for an appointment and my doctor sent me for a diagnosis mammogram in 3D. The woman I saw palpated my right breast and said she didn’t feel anything and she talked to me as if I was wasting my time since I had just had an exam in January. Actually, she was so sure I didn’t have anything wrong she totally talked me out of having the ultrasound the doctor had ordered and when she was finished I felt stupid for having gone in for the mammogram. I went home and figured that was the end of that…..

Until of course three days later I got a call that the doctor wanted me to come in for the ultrasound anyway, just to be sure. I agreed to the appointment, but thought about canceling it several times since the woman who did my mammogram said there was nothing there. I went anyway the following day even though I figured they just wanted to charge me another copay.

Two days later a woman called letting me know that the ultrasound came back finding a complex heterogeneous solid mass measuring 1.6 x 1.0 cm they believed was suspiciously abnormal.  They immediately made a referral to a surgeon for a biopsy. The following day the surgeon’s office called to set up a consult. The first available appointment is October 4th. I’m not sure what they will do but I assume they will schedule a biopsy since my mother had breast cancer.

Tomorrow is the big day….

Please be sure to get your mammogram scheduled this month since it is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!


  1. Mary ambrosino says

    Prayers for you

  2. My takeaway from your post is… you know your body and you are the biggest advocate for yourself. If a doctor schedules you for an exam, don’t let someone else who talk you out of t! Glad you had it done and can get the jump on any issues that might be happening! Praying for you and healthy results.

  3. Lisa, I am so very glad that you did reschedule & keep the ultrasound appt. This has to be so scary for you.

    Please know that you have tons of people who will most definitely be praying for you. Prayers for more answers, prayers for your health overall, and prayers that if it is cancer (but we will pray it’s not, of course) prayers for it to all get taken care of quickly, painlessly, and that they’ll get it all out of you so you’ll be cancer free.

    But for now, prayers are going up for you that this mass is non-cancerous at all.

    Thanks to the Lord that whatever it ends up being you found it early.

    Please also know that you are loved and cared about by so many people, and to know we are all here for you.
    Love you girl.

  4. Jessica Ballard says

    Glad you had it done. Prayers for you with the biopsy. Either way it’s a scary process.

  5. Heart is with you…

    Hugs, Angie

  6. Beautiful Touches says

    Keeping you in my prayers.

  7. Will be thinking of you and praying everything is okay.