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Boys and Fire – I Need An Electric Fireplace

James has a new fascination, fire.  It’s a relatively new fascination, but it seems to be consuming him lately.  He has been begging to build a camp fire in the backyard almost every day.  We did it a couple times, but we don’t really live in a location where outdoor camp fires is completely safe.  I tried explaining that to him and now he is begging for a fire in the fireplace.  The problem?  It is unseasonably warm in Atlanta.  It was 82 degrees today and that is not conducive of a wood-burning fire, perhaps one of those modern flueless gas fires would be better?

The truth of the matter is I am deathly afraid of building a fire in our fireplace.  I remember when I was growing up, one morning I was awaken to the sound of my dad’s voice panicked and searching for the fire extinguisher.  We had a chimney fire.  If something like that were to happen to us my dad wouldn’t be here to handle it and I wouldn’t know what to do.  Our fireplace, in my opinion, is strictly for aesthetics….lol.

I understand though, that a young boy finds fire to be rather alluring.  It’s dangerous, beautiful, and manly.  So, to quench his desire we are going to a friend’s house out in the country for a huge bonfire this weekend.  I am hoping this will satisfy his need for a fire, but if not I might just have to find some discount online fireplaces that are wall mounted and electric.  They make those, did you know that?

 Have you ever had a child obsessed with fire?

Guest post by Directfires.


  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    My children were in charge of building the woodfire when they got home from school. That pretty much cured any fire facination. We also went camping alot so fires were no big deal. Take him camping…..

  2. David Higgins says

    You can find any electric fireplace online. Stores typically posts deals this time of year, as most people use them in the winter. However, a growing trend is the outdoor electric fireplace. Many people are now getting them for their patios and decks. They are pretty nice, I recently purchased one for our house. I have written a whole site about electric fireplaces–www.theelectricfireplace.net, and include a section on outdoor electric fireplaces. Cheers and good luck!!