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Blogging 101: Using Cloud Storage When Traveling

Note: Although this article is geared more toward bloggers it really can be applied to any position in the workforce that travels for business.

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I’m a huge fan of Amazon.com. As a blogger I often use affiliate links as a way to make additional income. I also subscribe to Amazon Prime because believe it or not sometimes I get paid with Amazon Gift Codes and use them to shop for anything ranging from cat food to electronics.  But did you know that as an Amazon Prime member, you already have access to Amazon Cloud Drive with Prime Photos? With unlimited photo storage as part of your Prime membership you can upload all your photos for future use in your posts and/or projects. In addition, Prime members get 5 GB of additional storage space for videos, movies, music, and files.

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Now think about that for a minute.

Why is this uber important?

Part of my gig as a blogger requires occasional travel for brands. It also includes trips with my spouse and family for a few days here and there. However, since I’m traveling for one brand all the other brands I’m working with really don’t care and expect me to meet deadlines, answer questions, and consult as needed even when I’m on the road. As bloggers we tend to try to travel light and that means I no longer carry my bulky laptop with me. I’ve scaled back to a sweet Acer tablet/laptop combo with 500 GB of memory. It’s compact and easy but it doesn’t have the storage space my home computer has available.

Using the Amazon Cloud Drive I don’t have to worry about storage on my device. 

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When I travel I can have access to all the photos I need to work from the road. I can also upload all the photos I take via my camera and cellphone so that I have plenty of room left on my card and never have to worry about running out of space for my photos. It’s a secure way to back up my work and to store my collection, automatically. I love how it sorts via date, file, etc. making it easy to find what I’m looking for and I can access my files on the go via the Amazon Photo app available on Android and iOS devices as well as via the web via Mac, PC, or my tablet!

Another great feature of the Amazon Cloud Storage is the fact that photos and files can be shared via private links which makes sending things off to brands for perusal so much easier! It also makes collaboration easier. When I’m traveling with other bloggers it isn’t unusual that we want to share photos and this makes it easy and quick. If you have Amazon Prime already make sure you check it out if you aren’t already using it.

Amazon recently announced two unlimited storage plans, both start with a free 3-month trial. You can get the Unlimited Everything Plan ($59.99 per year—equivalent of less than $5 per month) and store an infinite number of new and existing photos, videos, files, documents, movies, and music in Cloud Drive.  If you just need it for photos and you aren’t an Amazon Prime user, the Unlimited Photos Plan is $11.99 per year—equivalent of less than $1 per month. This plan also includes 5 GB of additional storage for videos or other documents and files.

When traveling this is the best tool out there for staying on task and ensuring you don’t fall behind. What could you use the Amazon Cloud Drive for?

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