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Blackeyed Peas and Turkey Dinner Sausage Recipe

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Blackeyed Peas Sausage Recipe

I love creating meals for my family, especially when I find ingredients that are healthier alternatives without compromising on taste.  I guess that is one of the reason I like the Butterball recipes that use turkey instead of pork.  Our family particularly likes the Butterball Turkey Italian Sausage and Butterball Dinner Sausage.  I use the Italian Sausage both with and without the casing to create meals such as Ziti and Sausage, Sausage and Pepper Sandwiches, and my famous Blackeyed Peas and Butterball Turkey Dinner Sausage recipe.  We have to have quick meals on hand due to our busy schedule.

Why do we use the Butterball Turkey Dinner Sausage?  Well besides the fact you can find Butterball coupons almost everywhere, we use it because there is a large selection to choose from and it tastes great.  It also has 60% less fat than beef or pork sausage and you can’t beat that!  I feel good knowing I can serve my family a lean cut of meat that tastes great and my family doesn’t even know the difference.

Blackeyed Peas and Butterball Turkey Dinner Sausage Recipe


Butterball Turkey Dinner Sausage

One can of Blackeyed Peas

1/8 cup of chopped green pepper

1/8 cup of chopped red pepper 

1 T of jalapeno pepper chopped

1/8 cup of chopped onion

Fry sausage in water with a teaspoon of butter until heated.  In a saucepan add all other ingredients and heat.  Add sausage.  Cook on low heat for 15 minutes.  Serve.


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