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Bingo: My Husband’s Perspective

Occasionally I get a chance to write guest posts for different sites.  Unfortunately this time of the year I’m pretty busy and can’t always fit things into my schedule so I gave my husband a chance to write a post for me.  All I told him was that it had to be about Bingo.  This is what I got:

Bingo is freaking awesome! Contrary to what most people think, the game is actually played by people of all ages.  Bingo halls everywhere are being forced to market to an ever widening demographic. You can even win real money in some places!

It is true that Bingo is a really popular game for older folks but why should they have all the fun? Just because Bingo has been around for centuries in some form or another doesn’t mean you had to live through them all. Nothing quite compares to the rush you can get when you hit your numbers and win big! To heck with skydiving just give me 5 or 6 cards and I’ll be rolling like a boss.

Bingo isn’t just the most thrilling thing in the world you can do with your time either. Did you know there are actually documented health and psychological benefits of playing? Bingo keeps you mentally alert, improves coordination and memory, and gives you the opportunity to socialize.  If you can’t get out of the house I would strongly recommend cracking open a few ice cold beers, slamming a few shots, cranking up some heavy metal, and rocking out to some online Bingo.

Seriously I really think Bingo is the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

Do you sense a bit of sarcasm in his post?  Yes, I have made him go play Bingo with me in the past, but I always thought he was enjoying it….lol.


  1. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I love Bingo! and, your post made me smile 😉