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The 10 Best Photo Taking Spots at Disney World

Capturing photos is the perfect way to remember all of the amazing memories that you create at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. When it comes to Disney there are so many various parts of the park that look absolutely beautiful and there are locations everywhere that make for really awesome photos. Today I am going to be sharing some of my personal favorites as well as cult classics for amazing pictures throughout the park of Disney World, this will give you some inspiration for the photos that you want to take during your visit. When walking through the parks always be looking out as if you were looking through the lens of your camera and you will be amazed at some of the shots you will find.
Best Photo Taking Spots at
1. The Entrance: If it is your first time visiting Disney, taking a picture in front of the entrance can be very exciting. It is that momentous moment of your first sight of The Happiest Place on Earth!
2. Cinderellas Castle: Cinderella’s Castle is extremely iconic and it is an absolute must to take a picture with it. Whether you take a picture of just the castle itself or you are in front of the castle, the picture will still be absolutely perfect.
3.Character Meet Ups: Your kids meeting their favorite characters is such an amazing experience and it’s so awesome that you absolutely have to capture the moment with a photo. You can pay for photos taken by Disney or take your own, it’s totally up to you.
4. The Walt Disney Statue: You have to give credit to the creator of Disney, Mr. Walt Disney himself, find the Walt Disney statue and get a famous picture with the man himself.
5. On Your Favorite Ride: As long as it is not an intense ride, it makes for a great picture to take a picture while you are actually on the ride. I personally think the dumbo flying ride, and the teacups are great rides to take pictures on.
6. During The Parade: The parade is such a beautiful show and huge production that you can’t help but to take a picture during the parade. If you time it correctly, you can take pictures with some of your favorite characters that are in the parade.
7. Along Main Street: Main street is the busiest street in the park and there is so much going on. I love to take pictures along Main Street, especially at night because everything is so lit up and absolutely beautiful.
8. Inside Gift Shops: There are so many gift shops throughout the park with so many cute things inside. You can take pictures with all of the fun accessories and toys within the stores. Or go over to Bippity Boppity Boutique for a makeover and get your picture there!
9. At Mickey & Minnie’s House: If you get the opportunity to head on over to Mickey and Minnie’s house, be sure to get some great pictures inside or in front of their house. It is such a cute little house and makes for a perfect picture.
10. During the Fireworks: The firework show is always an amazing show and getting your photo while the fireworks are going off makes for a really awesome looking photo and allows you to remember such a beautiful show.
Photos are the perfect way to capture all of the fun that you had on your trip and I highly recommend considering to take the time to get some really beautiful and amazing photos!



  1. Mary Ambrosino says

    I have never been there so these are some good tips for first timers.