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The Best Jewelry for Winter

Jewelry is the best way to elevate any outfit. The right accessories can transform your look completely, and they can add a personal, elegant touch when paired correctly. The winter is the best time to wear jewelry since colored stones can really bring life to an otherwise unremarkable outfit or style. The winter months are perfect for layering, so this is the time to really express yourself with your jewelry! Keep reading to learn about the best jewelry for winter!

How to wear jewelry in the winter

Before we can discuss the best kinds of stones and jewelry styles to wear in the winter, you need to understand how to actually wear these accessories. During the season when you’re already layered head to toe with extras like hats, scarves, and gloves, it might seem pointless to add even more to your body. However, the key to styling jewelry in the winter is to say more with less. You need to select pieces which are really representative of your style and that are easy to see with your other layers. This isn’t the time to go overboard. When in doubt, choose simple, personal pieces.

Stick with stud earrings

If you’ve ever worn long, dangly earrings, you know how these can easily get caught in your hair or clothing. When you’re wearing a scarf or sweater, wearing longer earrings is just asking for trouble. Play it safe by wearing stud earrings which won’t get caught on your clothes or other accessories. And stud earrings are far from boring! Use a chic metallic stud or experiment with shapes to incorporate new styles into your wardrobe.

Choose flat rings that complement each other

Like dangly earrings, rings can easily get caught on your clothes in the winter when you’re likely to be wearing a lot of knits or delicate fabrics. Avoid a fashion mishap by selecting flat rings that won’t get caught on anything. Stacking rings is one of the biggest trends right now, so this is a great way to elevate your current style without going over the top. Incorporate some color into your rings with loose ruby gemstones turned into a ring or your favorite metals.

Try a brooch to add flair

Brooches aren’t always the height of fashion, but they really make a splash in the wintertime. When wearing the same handful of coats and jackets on a daily basis, you’ll likely long for something to spruce them up a bit. Brooches are an easy way to add another dimension of style to a simple coat. They come in all metals, styles ,and looks so you can mix and match depending on your mood that day.

Trade your dangly bracelets for cuffs

Cuff jewelry is the perfect amount of chic without being overstated. Cuff bracelets don’t have any dangling or pointy parts which can get caught in sweater sleeves. They’re easy to show off during the day, and you don’t have to worry about layering over them with clothing. You can find a lot of different cuffs for different price ranges in all types of styles. For a more elegant look, choose cuffs with gemstones that complement your wardrobe colors. To dress it down, keep your bracelet cuffs simple with metallic colors only.

The best jewelry for wintertime!

In the winter, less is more when it comes to jewelry! It’s important to keep your wardrobe in mind when selecting pieces for the winter months. You don’t want to damage your clothes by snagging your sleeves or shoulders on any of your jewelry, but you also want what you’re wearing to stand out. Select simple, personal pieces that showcase your style in an understated way. When it comes to jewelry, it’s all about the details!


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