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Best Haunts in Atlanta: Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse

Out of all the attractions this year, I was most excited about Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse. I absolutely love zombies and have seen every zombie movie there is, some several times. I’m definitely a zombie fan! What goes better with an apocalypse than zombies? Who can pass up shooting zombies with paintball guns? Based on the line to get in to Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse there are a whole lot of people who feel the same way. The line was impressive and reflects excellent marketing strategies. Lucky for us our tickets were at the window and we only had to wait about 45 minutes. We spoke to some people who claimed to have been waiting 2 hours! Good things come to those who wait right?

When we pulled in the parking lot we marveled at the size of the superbly painted camouflage building and armed guards patrolling for zombies. What was this I hear when we stepped out of the car? Was it Slayer? Was it screams and gunshots? Car crashes? Oh yeah!!!!!
Make sure you don’t have any open cuts, sores, or scratches. They will not hesitate to take you out back and put one in your head. The poor girl standing behind us for quite a while time found out the hard way. But it’s better them than us right?

As far as the attraction itself goes, I appreciated the theatrics and creativity. I enjoyed making my way through the hotel while our guard dispatched zombies left and right. Too bad we didn’t get guns…. I would have to say I enjoyed the outdoor area the most. Zombies young and old were coming at us from all sides. Fortunately for us our guide was able to keep them at bay. The girls in the post apocalyptic scene were a delight.

While I wasn’t scared or startled, really at all, I did enjoy the premise and appreciated the theatrics as well as the effort and hard work that went in to all this. Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse did feel like a production and It did kind of feel like I was in a zombie movie. I definitely think they are on to something and thought it was fun.

Although I had a good time, I also thought the zombie shoot was a bit of a letdown. It was fun to shoot live targets for a few minutes though.   I would have preferred a bit more realism but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy the zombie actors and their antics. Maybe the whole thing could be turned into a competition of sorts to keep zombies from reaching a certain point, attacking a victim, or something along those lines.

Overall Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse was fun and I enjoyed going. You should definitely check it out for yourself as I’m sure you will have a good time too. I think I might be a little harder to scare than the average person as well as bit of a zombie fanatic so I hope I wasn’t too harsh. Maybe my expectations are lofty and too high? You can never know unless you go see for yourself!


Creativity:  3 skulls

Characters: 2 skulls

Gore: 1 skull

Length: 3 skulls

Scariness: 1 skulls

Construction: 2 skulls

Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse is located in Conley, GA and is open Wednesday – Sunday.

Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse on Facebook.

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Written by James Samples